valentines gift guide for him

just like the valentines gift guide for her, a bunch of gifts that are mostly based around staying at home. i think gid would actually love most of these and i didn’t even ask him for his advice so i’m proud of myself haha.

01. ok this is so cool– it’s an auto pan stirrer with a timer that actually has great reviews for the guys who love to cook or are trying at least
02. all guys like a nice handsome cashmere beanie i would think right?
03. for the bearded guy, this bundle to soften his beard— but they also have tons of handsome mens skin and hair products
04. handsome linen versions of his favorite board game— and scrabble and monopoly totally still fun with only 2 players!  
05. a cozy handsome crewneck sweatshirt in some nice colors, you can never have too many
06. a nice sleek wireless phone charger for their desktop
07. coooozy vegan suede slippers and they’re on sale!
08. now is the time to try all the weird kitchen gadgets, what else are we doing?! i’ve used this breakfast sandwich maker and it actually works great– and it’s fun!!
09. surf photographs from the 70s — and will look great on your coffee table
10. we are OBSESSED with tonys chocaloney (and specifically this flavor) — yes this is excessive but i guarantee it would be the best gift i could give to gid hahaha
11. multitools, yeah it’s cliche but guys seem to really like these multitool things. 
12. this is the milk frother we use, great for a daily fancy cappuccino 

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