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DIY painted pet bowls


we give the cats wet food every night, and we’ve been using our human bowls forever, and it has always, always bothered me. i’ve been wanting to find some cute little ones to designate as cats only… until i decided, of course, to make some bowls cute instead. 

i partnered with fancy feast (for sure the cats faaavorite dinner), they’ve just launched a brand new product, purely fancy feast filets, they can be served anytime, any way. you can flake, break, serve it whole, sprinkle over their dry or wet food (and it’s made with 100% natural chicken and seafood and no artificial flavors or preservatives).

the cats put up with a lot these days. not only have we brought home this adorable baby we shower in love and attention all day, but we also harass them all day long, stalking them and following them around the house to pet them… aaaaall day long. there is literally nothing that keeps arlo happier than rubbing his hand over the cats. he jumps and squeals and laughs and has the best time ever. and the cats have been amazingly patient with him, considering how much he grabs their fur and drools all over them. so we’re especially excited about the purely fancy feast filets because we’ll reward them when they’re super nice to arlo, or lure them over towards us to secretly sneak up and PET THEM ALL DAY LONG!!!


porcelain cereal bowls
paint marker that works on glass


carefully outline your shapes around your bowl, and then fill in — slowly working your way around the bowl.

if you’re doing multiple bowls, switch off between bowls to let spots dry before getting them on your hands.

bake in oven for 20 minutes at 350 to set the design (and make it dishwasher safe!)

i am so, so happy to no longer share our bowls with the cats. plus they came out so cute right? our cats are all very strange little creatures, all strange in their own ways.

lucy is OBSESSED with dry food (we call it kitty crackers in our house), she enjoys her wet food dinner but she would always choose dry. unfortunately, she is also obsessed with harassing rocky, two years later and they still don’t get along, so when they do get along, we always try to reward their good behavior. we served a purely fancy feast filet on it’s own as a reward for letting rocky go to the bathroom in peace for once, and lucy actually loved it!

and our dream cat, rocky, even though she also picks fights with lucy, she’s so little and cute, i get less mad at her. what, is choosing favorites bad? shush. we reward her all the time for being so sweet and cute (and she sleeps on my pillow all night too!!) we gave her a filet whole as a treat, have i ever told you that rocky is a v good stander? check out that stance. she has been standing since the day we adopted her and i am so obsessed with it.

and then there’s bodhi, who has been hit the hardest by the arrival of arlo. bodhi was always my little gigantic baby, who has always been such a mamas boy, suckling and kneading on me at 5 years and following me everywhere. first we brought home rocky, then we brought home arlo, so he’s had a hard time. so sometimes i have to just let him lay on me while i watch TV even though he weighs like 25 pounds and he is in hog heaven. we served his on top of his wet food.

special treats like purely fancy feast filets are a great way to show our three cats some love and, in a cat-kinda-way, to say thanks for letting our son love you, tug on you, and take a lot of the attention.

this post is in partnership with fancy feast.
all opinions are 100% my own.

9 comments on “DIY painted pet bowls”

  1. Love this idea! I did it with coffee mugs but I never thought of making it for the cat bowls.

    I would love to know what cat toys you have in your house. I am constantly looking for “nicer” looking cat toys that can be out and look good as one of our kitties loves to randomly spaz out and attack things through out the day. Thanks!

      1. I am constantly looking for “nicer” looking cat toys that can be out and look good as one of our kitties loves to randomly spaz out and attack things through out the day. Thanks!

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