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diy faux marble place card holders

marble place card holder diydiy faux marble place cards

it’s another holiday table diy! WOO YAY!

i love anything marble — so thought it would a little marble accent would add a touch of class to even the un-classiest table.

marble place card holder materials


white polymer clay
dark grey polymer clay
a cookie cutter in the shape of your choice
a knife or clay cutting tool
clear glaze spray

marble place card holders diy

where are all the process shots?! there really aren’t any. also because i hate touching my camera when i have clay hands.


step one . condition your white clay and get it warm, then add little bits of the grey and mix in until you see a marbled pattern — then stop before it gets too warm. make as many balls are there are guests.

step two . flatten and get them to a similar height (mine are kinda all over the place). use your cookie cutter and carefully remove each piece. fix up any blemishes with a blade or a wet finger.

step three . let the pieces cool down and then cut deep slits into each.

step four . bake at 275F for 18 minutes or so. once cool, take them outside and spray with the glaze. i sprayed them about three times over the course of a few hours. just spray until they have a glossy marble-like finish.

step five. write out your guests names onto thick paper and stick em in the slots! (haha.)

diy marble place cardsdiy marble place card holdersmarble place card holders diy

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    1. aw thank you so much lily! um basically my life consists only of watching tv and brainstorming diys. sad but true!

  1. Love these! Thank you for a lovely simple craft. Found you through ‘at home in love’.

    1. thanks debbie! keep reading and i’ll keep making!

  2. “Make as many balls as there are guests.” Classic. These are so pretty, as always.

    1. thank you marlene! yeah it actually took a lot of effort to not fill the whole post with sexual innuendos. haha

  3. Yay! Polymer clay is so easy to work with. Cool idea. I love the fancy Carrera Marble look!

  4. Just found your blog via At Home in Love and am so happy I did! I’m loving everything I see! xo

    1. thank you ann-marie! yay!!!

    1. thanks so much mandy! so glad to hear that — i wasn’t so sure when i finished them.

    1. thanks lindsay!! xoxoox

    1. thank you erin! i love all your projects!

  5. Wow, so lovely! I am definitely going to have to try your faux marble technique.

  6. What method did you use to warm your clay?

    1. just rub it in your hands for a while – but make sure when you’re cutting to let it cool down first.

  7. Where did you get the hexagon cookie cutter? What size is it? Love the marble, love the ideas, but I WANT that cutter!

  8. Hi! Im really interested to make this but I only have a microwave oven at home which does not allow me to adjust the temperature. Can I use non-bake, air-dry clay to do this project? Will the effect turn out to be the same too? 🙂