diy marble tray

diy marble tray

my first diy of 2014 and BOY IS IT AN EASY ONE! i seem like certain things a lot. triangles. gems. leather. wood. and marble. so even though i already made my brother get me a marble pastry slab for my birthday, i decided i could use more marble (until i get my marble kitchen countertops someday).

diy marble tray materials

the largest size marble tile you can find at the hardware store (mine were about 8×10)
drawer or cabinet pulls of your choice *
felt sticky pads
industrial strength glue (the strongest stuff you can find)
a ruler and pencil for measuring the distance

* i had a hard time finding cheap brass hardware, so i bought some silver ones and rub n’ buffed them. to save yourself the trouble, just order some brass ones online if you want brass. WHY HAVEN’T THE HARDWARE STORES STARTING STOCKING ANY YET?!

diy  marble traydiy marble serving tray


step one . stick four felt pads on each corner on the bottom of your marble

step two . using a ruler, figure out exactly where you want your handles and lightly trace around with a pencil.

step three . glue those babies on, if any glue leaks through like mine clearly did, scrape it off as much as you can with a thin tool (i used a kabob stick)

step four . LET DRY FOR A LOOOOOONG TIME. i waited two days.

diy marble tray by almost makes perfect

you can use this thing of beauty anywhere. i first tried it in the bathroom!

diy marble tray

then i tried it on the coffee table!

diy marble tray by almost makes perfect

then i covered it in stuff i ate!

diy  marble tray

i never tried it because i got tired of walking, BUT it could also look really cute on your desk with your pens and paper clips.

now i do recommend you be careful, because this is not for HEAVY DUTY walking around everywhere with it use. just be gentle and i think the tray will hold up just fine!

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  1. This is really pretty and surprisingly easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oopps yah, she did it again…ok that was a bad britney impression. dude stop, like stop!! (amazeee)

  3. i am in a marble-addiction phase too! i can’t wait to try out this awesome diy!

  4. girl! I have thought the same thing about brass! It’s been back for a few years now, right? why can’t i find it in any stores???
    I absolutely love this. I am always looking for new trays at vintage stores for my tables/dressers/bars. I am going to go make one!!!

    Great job!! 🙂 🙂


  6. Genius. I spotted a random marble slab at my parent’s house over Christmas that my mom tried pawning off on me… looks like I’ll be going back to beg her for it!

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  8. So amazing! I’ve been looking for the perfect bathroom tray forever! What did you use for the faux bronze finish?

  9. Beautiful, functional and simple! Triple threat! My kinda DIY.

  10. Making one of these and setting it out on my newly refurbished dressing table – thanks! Yours looks great!!!

  11. So clever and beautiful! What color of Rub n Buff did you use?

  12. What a wonderful idea! Love it! I’ve been wondering how best to spruce up a boring looking table top for whiskey bottles and such, or even a simple table top plate for salt & pepper… this is IT! Now if only I could find marble slabs like this…

  13. Looks amazing! Crazy how it’s so simple to make yourself. I definitely want to try this now…

  14. Where did you find the 8×10 marble tile? I checked Home Depot but the smallest they had was 12×12. Thanks!!

    1. hi marie — sadly the tile IS from home depot! i’d check out another location maybe?!

  15. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.

    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do
    with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.

    The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon.

  16. I love this! What size are your draw pulls? I am ordering online and want it to be perfect.


  17. What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing this. It’s a really chic way to organize skin care products.

    And your blog overall is fantastic. I really enjoy the minimalist and clean style. Great job!

  18. What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this web page daily, this web page is really fastidious and the
    viewers are really sharing fastidious thoughts.

  19. Hi! Beautiful! When you write ‘rub and buff’ the silver hardware, what do you mean? How did you get them that brass color?

  20. oooooo thanks for this!!! can’t wait to try it! i have a feeling i’ll be making a whole bunch…. i kind of love marble too. =)

  21. Hi There! I love this craft so much that I tried it last weekend. Have you had any issues with your handles? I bought the same glue pictured above, and let my handles dry for almost a full week. I just picked up my tray and the handles fell right off! Any advice? Thanks for the great blog!

  22. Love this! Definitely going to give this a go. Absolutely love your blog too! xx

  23. Love this DIY, totally going to try it as soon as I get my hands on a marble slab! I found your blog on google images and now I’m totally going to follow you because of all your great DIY! Thanks so much for sharing! xx


  24. Hello I LOVE this DIY it s s gorgeous! I was just wondering about whether it was food-safe though? As we often read warnings about how toxic E6000 is…. 🙂

    1. thank you! i was a little concerned but i just made sure to not let the glue spread whatsoever!

  25. This is such an amazing idea! I wish I’d seen it before I finished Christmas shopping! Will definitely make it for some family members next year. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Did you need to treat the slab with anything to make it food safe?

    1. i didn’t! i believe marble is food safe to begin with — which is why its used in kitchens. id just suggest giving it a good cleaning since the slab is coming from the hardware store.

  27. michell lafayette says:

    1. Why not get the right bit and drill some holes so it will be fully functional. Nothard to do.
    2. I have those marble counters you want. They are “A LOT OF WORK” kool-aid,grape juice.taco grease, spaghetti sauce. MUSTARD. All enemies. It is A. Soft, chips B scratches, and chips. and requires maintenance. There are granites that look just like marble. go that route. I went with them for nostalgias sake (grew up with them) forgot getting yelled at for spots I left on it. My kids hated it.

    1. hi michell! in retrospect i definitely could have drilled the hardware in — but for the novice this makes it a little simpler.
      we’ve talked it over and are for sure not going the marble route, we make way too many messes! x

  28. This is beautiful! It’s been almost 2 years since you published this post. Has the glue held up on the handles? I want to make this for a Christmas gift but want to make sure it’s sturdy. Thank you!

  29. Often the chrome bar pulls are actually brass or steel, and just cheaply chrome plated. It comes off very easily if you dunk it in Citrus paint stripper, or if you have some on your fingers and open a cabinet ijs. :-/. I happen to have two in my garage and am so glad I came across this. I actually would/will use a glass/tile bit to drill holes in marble to screw the handles in properly. Ain’t nobody got time for an E2000 fail!

  30. how much did this all cost?

  31. Crazy how it’s so simple to make yourself. I definitely want to try this now

  32. Chinelo I. Nwankwo says:

    I found your blog using a Google search for DIY marble trays. I also couldn’t find brass / copper drawer pulls. It’s been three years and they’re STILL not being stocked in hardware stores! Does the rub and buff ever come off?? I want to give this as a gift and really want to make sure it’s durable.