diy leaf backdrop


diy leaf backdrop | almost makes perfectdiy leaf backdrop | almost makes perfect

for my last of the spring party DIY posts, i wanted to share the focal point of the party with you guys! originally, we talked about doing a big flower wall, which has obviously been done before. BUT THEN… a miracle happened. we decided on with leaves instead.

my friend molly runs a little LA plant shop called pop up greens. so i knew she’d be able to source some good plants for us to use for it. we bought four plants, a split leaf philodendron, a fern, and 2 little ones on sale that i don’t know what they are. we got home and trimmed the leaves off of all the plants.

we decided on a circular shape. so i held a round chair up to the wall and molly put washi tape around as a guide. you could also use anything that’s round, or eyeball it, but it’s much easier to have a template.

diy leaf backdrop | almost makes perfect

now all you have to do is tape the leaves to the wall. it’s that easy. step back often to look at the thing overall and scope out any spots that could look better or fuller or emptier.

i definitely recommend doing this the day of your party, or at the least, the night before. especially if it’s warm and sunny inside, to prevent wilting leaves.

diy leaf backdrop | almost makes perfectdiy leaf backdrop | almost makes perfectspring lunch | almost makes perfect

cute right?! i love a good focal point, and it would also make a killer photobooth background. let me know if you try it!


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  1. I was hoping you were going to share how you did this–I LOVE how the green pops against the white wall. :) It would be fun to play with some different shapes for a ‘gallery wall’ as a photo backdrop. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. What kind of tape you use to stick the leaves? Hope it does not leave trace on the wall. I will prefer to stick it on a big cardstock instead. Will look great to frame it up if fake leaves are used.

  3. So what you are saying is you killed…..I’m not sure how many beautiful plants, my eyes glazed over at that part, for an art piece that will die and have to be taken down?! You are what is wrong with our society. When you are standing in a barren landscape with barely enough water left on the planet to sustain our race just remember what you did for vanity.

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  5. Se puede usar la poda de jardines, parque o viveros. Poner las hojas sobre un círculo de madera con argolla para colgarlo. Motivos de primavera ???? Navidad, rosas??, juguetes con hojas, pueden ser muchas ideas. No se destruye la planta solo que se usen las hojas de poda.

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