diy block printed napkins

diy block printed napkins | almost makes perfecta springtime lunch

remember how i said we made a ton of raw edged linen napkins for our wedding? well it’s been super nice to have 50 laying around my apartment (and my moms house, she uses them for almost every dinner party now) – so i decided to stamp some for the spring lunch!

diy block printed napkins | almost makes perfectdiy block printed napkins | almost makes perfect

it’s the same process and supplies as my stamped scarves + napkins from last year. except THIS time… i didn’t have wood for the backing! so i used some leftover cork board i never used instead.


diy block print stamps | almost makes perfect

01. double up your craft foam to make it thicker. stick one piece onto another piece. (you could even triple it up if you want)

02. cut out your desired shapes from your craft foam. stick them onto a piece of cork and then cut the cork out. make as many stamp varieties as you want!

03. turn on a reality show marathon because this gets boring. saturate your stamp with a good amount of paint, and stamp onto your napkin over a work surface. keep going foreeeever. let dry overnight!

** these are machine washable! because my linen napkins were so light, the paint is pretty faint. if you use a darker napkin, the pattern should show up a little more. the pattern will most likely lighten from washing.

diy block printed napkins | almost makes perfectdiy block printed napkins | almost makes perfect


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  1. I really like the light and discreet contrast of napkin and stamped pattern. Beautiful!

  2. Nice job! I really like these light colours, it seems so elegant and well-made. Awesome!

  3. super nice napkins pal.

    um.. but also.. GIMME THAT LUNCH?!

  4. love your minimalist style and your simplified approach in DIY. makes it more doable by your readers. keep it up! 🙂

  5. I’m in love with these napkins! <3 Super cute!