diy pretty shampoo bottles


diy pretty shampoo bottles via almost makes perfect

probably my simplest DIY to date — is anyone else like me and only buys products based on the packaging? well that’s a hard way to get by when you’re cheap and buy your bath products at cvs. so i decided to make refillable bottles for my stuff that i like to look at.

i bet you can guess the steps …

diy - shampoo bottles

all you need is pretty bottles, tape, and vinyl stickers. i bought these amber bottles super cheap from speciality bottle, and the stickers are 1/4″ inch helvetica. they have to be vinyl in order to be waterproof!

bath bottles diy

tape a straight line across your bottle (it’s kind of hard to eyeball but you’ll get it on your 10th try). and then just stick away! i was able to glide any letters that looked off or if the kerning wasn’t perfect – and i think i was able to make them all match pretty well.

then you just fill up the bottles with your stuff. that’s the boring part.

shampoo bottles diy

and now my shower looks prettyyyy!

diy shampoo bottles

would you bother doing a DIY like this or am i a crazy person?

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  1. I love the idea of this. A handful of years ago DesignSponge (I think…) posted a similar thing and I just loved it. I replicated the idea and could only keep it up for a few weeks! I’m too much of a mess/product junkie to decide on just a few to keep around. It looks so great though!

  2. I would totally do this to hide from my hair and makeup artist best friend that despite her multiple discussions with me, I still buy cheap shampoo….love it!

  3. oh! I love this!!! I am the same way. I hate having different packaging. I will be doing this as soon as I find bottles I like. I already have the stickers!!

  4. I probably wouldn’t bother, but it does look really good :) I might use the vinyl sticker idea for the jars I store food in though. Now I just have to get vinyl stickers. I live in a small town.

  5. I will do the bottle idea thank you… I need a stand like the pictured one.,can I ask where you go it it ?

  6. I love it. I have been thinking about it for a while now, cosmetic packages are always way too colorful and never match!
    I would go even more minimalist, just as you wrote face and body, I would do hair 1 and hair 2, and maybe face 2 and body 2 for lotions. Ooooh! Or just H1, H2, F, B!
    The initials thing would be cool maybe with a bigger font. Anyway, I can’t do it… In Spanish cara and cuerpo start the same :(
    Also, I can never find those cool suppliers of stuff over here (it happened with colored wire and several other DIY ideas I read form the US).
    Oh well, now you know there are crazy people either side of the atlantic!

    1. hahaah i love the idea! i know i was trying to come up with a way to simplify shampoo and conditioner and really was about to do hair 1 and 2! i figured i’d get confused though.

  7. If you really want more precision in placing the letters, enlist the help from a great tool: an Xacto knife. Pick up the letter with the tip of the blade, then maneuver it into place. Before pressing it into place, you can use the blade to make fine adjustments. Voila!

  8. Great idea! Thanks for all the tips on where to purchase supplies, will
    be making several sets. Great Christmas gifts for family!

  9. um this is awesome! i did something smiliar for the handsoap at my kitchen sink, but this is going to make me so happy to have design-y bottles shower! great DIY idea! :) thank you for sharing!

  10. Hi: This is a great idea! Can you use a waterproof permanent marker, in metallic or black, instead of the vinyl stickers? How well will the stickers hold up in water?

    1. yeah i bet you could — i’m not sure any dark color would show up though. the vinyl stickers have held up perfectly, i made sure to get vinyl because they were the only letter stickers i could find that were actually waterproof. definitely your best bet. thank you!

  11. I’ve been thinking of this idea for a while but couldn’t find anything in stores other than travel bottles. I finally decided to google “pretty shampoo bottles” and voila! Your site – and others who’ve copied your idea. Looks like it’s caught on! I think I’ll give this a try.

  12. I have been looking for something like this! I was considering brown glass but didn’t trust myself. so this is perfect!

  13. This is a great idea! I like to buy the big bottles of shampoo and bath soap but I have limited upper body strength so putting them in smaller bottles is perfect for me. These look very vintage/apothecary like!

  14. I was also wondering if you went with the 8oz or 16oz bottles. I can’t believe how cheap they are! Thanks for your lovely idea that is blowing up on Pinterest!

  15. this is so obvious, but so lovely! thank you for thinking of this and sharing! going out to grab my supplies right now!

  16. WOW! This is ahhh-mazing! I am so glad you posted this and that I stumbled upon it on bloglovin. I feel the same way about our bathroom products. Why not make it look pretty with nice packaging. I am totally going to make these this weekend.


  17. This is such a great idea! Sometimes I look at all my products and none of them match and they’re all kind of ugly. Perfect simple DIY, the best kind! Xo

  18. No, you’re not crazy – I’ve done this too! Yours is prettier, love the amber bottles. Mine were just pretty plastic shampoo bottles (yes to cucumbers, nice cylinders).

  19. I just had a thought for people who struggle to get the words symmetrical. You could stick the letters unsticky-side down onto the tape lining it up with the edge and then sticking across the bottle. That way you can tell where the centre is before you stick :)

  20. Adding this for others that were curious – not sure on what she went with, but I bought the 8oz and personally found them way too small for the amount of product in the product bottles. Rebuying the larger size. Luckily they’re cheap enough so I’m only out $10 but hopefully this is helpful to others!

  21. WHAT… I am bookmarking this one for sure. This is one of those “So simple why didn’t I think of it before” things. Also that website with the bottles is AMAZING. So thank you!

  22. thanks so much for the simple, but great post. We just redid our shower, and want it to look neat. Also thanks for the link to the bottles.

  23. LOVE these! They’re so simple yet incredibly chic :) I just now finished mine using your provided products link and tutorial, & I must say I truly do enjoy them. Thanks for a great and unique post!!

    P.S.- Anddd… so future readers know she used the 16oz bottles, the 8oz would be pretty small! Happy crafting everyone (:

  24. I also did this little project about 2 years ago,I love it!! But just a little advice,use plastic (like the author did) I used glass and 2 months later my conditioner and body one shattered from sliding off the shelf: ( I replaced them immediately though,makes my shower look so sleak.

  25. I cannot find these plastic amber bottles anywhere where I don’t have to buy a gross of them. I only need 2-8oz, 1-16oz, 1-4oz and 1-32oz

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