happy weekend

happy friday! happy weekend! tonight i’m seeing pitch perfect 2 (!!!) and tomorrow we’re heading to santa barbara to see my new baby niece (!!!!). hope you guys have a good one!

happy weekend

⋅ well now i need to go to milan.
⋅ and also i want to make this
⋅ i remember being young and single was kind of awesome
⋅ i’m a champion at heart. what are you?
⋅ ok i am always so scared of messing up with cheesecake
⋅ omg this is a cuuuuute font.
⋅ love the relaxed boho vibe of this place
⋅ tropical normcore = my favorite

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  1. Pitch perfect 2!!! Woooow. I can’t wait to see it myself!

  2. That drink looks like the best way to welcome a weekend!