mrs maisel themed 70th birthday party

my moms 70th bday party was such a huge success!! if i do say so myself, the party turned out beautiful and the energy was so high and everyone seemed so happy. i think that is always partly because people love a theme party and dressing up in costumes, and the photo booth!! except for arlo, apparently he hates dressing on theme because i had a cute jean jacket all picked out for him but he staunchly refused it.

as i’ve said many times now, i’ve only seen one episode of mrs maisel so the theme was a bit difficult but that kind of made it more fun — i love a creative challenge (don’t forget arlos mamma mia party last year)! i focused on the 50s element the most, and lots of pink. i went simple with the decorations, we did some pink balloons scattered around, and for flowers i got every shade of pink carnation from the grocery store and babys breath! i spent $35 on all the flowers and made a ton of arrangements for each table.

i’m obsessed with making custom stuff for all our parties, they are fun mementos that make the party extra special and keepsakes for all the sentimental people too! i love the quality of everything from for your party. we had napkins, stir sticks and cups made for the bar! because my mom invited 60+ people, we decided to hire family friends to bartend and it was so worth it. we served punch and martinis. to “fifties” up the punch, my SIL made a fruity ice ring in a bundt pan, so cute. and a confusing sign that says “punch so stiff you could blow it” because the punch was actually non-alcoholic but you know i gotta go hard with the theme.

for the food, we pretty much only served 50s appetizers — shrimp cocktail, pigs in blankets, egg rolls (so i could make a little sign to reference the show), deviled eggs, and brisket crostinis.

for easy favors, i had matchboxes made from for your party and made a little sign that said “thank you and goodnight”. for another little special touch, i found the cutest measuring tapes and spread them around with another sign that said “god you are so proportional”.

we hired i like lucy for the open air photo booth, and i am so glad we did! it was a last minute addition that everyone loved so much. i got a pack of red cat eye glasses to use as props and based on how many people were wearing them in the photos, they were def a hit.

my piece de resistance was (and always is) the dessert table — the show stopping cake was by ashley adams. soo excited about how it turned out. we made the cake topper using my cricut, which i’ve never actually used before and was shocked it turned out ok! we bought TJs black and white cookies and my SIL made pink polka dot cookies with 70 on them. i made a box mix pineapple bundt cake (my first bundt cake ever) with a pineapple glaze and garnished with cherries. (heres a link to the glaze recipe)

poppy dressed as lenny bruce, spray painted hair, fake cigarette and all, and did an awkwardly long winded performance for everyone haha. we had some family friends perform a few songs on guitar. my mom made a 50s playlist for the party, but i was really confused when bohemian rhapsody started playing lolol. we hired another family friend to do tarot card readings on the balcony above the party– another thing people loved!

it was suuuuch a fun day. but glad it’s over so i can relax again! links for everything below, but lmk if i missed anything!


TITS UP balloons / flatware / plates / custom luncheon napkins / custom cups / custom cocktail napkins / custom stir sticks / custom matchboxes / acrylic frames for signs / red cat eye sunglassesmeasuring tapes 
photo booth : i like lucy / cake : ashley adams

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  1. Jill Katz (aka) Mrs. Miller says:

    I must say that being the recipient of this party was the greatest gift a gal can have. Turning 70 is painful but to be surrounded by 70 of your favorite friends and family from all over was a treat. @MollyMadfis never fails to take care of her family with lots of surprise, and fun events. She has such a great eye for color and design so everything she puts together is always perfect. During all the prepping that was going on at the house, Molly continued to ask me to go to my room, read a book, chill, watch a movie, but do anything to relax and let them take care of things. Thank you family who all did such a great job assembling this fab event, and to my family friends who helped me realize the fun of having fantastic tarot readings by @JennaBernstein, martini bar@sophieharlow, and my darling DIL Lauren Madfis fab baker @saltandflourbakery. Had no idea that I would be hearing my favorite Elvis song, played by the inimitable @JeffHix and @David Hix. It was one of the best highlights of the day. My ex hubby @JohnMadfis was marvelous as Lenny Bruce even tho no one quite got it. My beatnik Hubby @ScottMiller made sure the patio was at its best with last minute plantings, cleanup, and a spotify play list of 50’s and 60’s tunes, and huge posters of me from @robertscottcollections located in prime spots all over the patio. I can’t imagine a better party and I think Amazon should hire to create great a “Marvelous Mrs Maisel” theme package. Thank you Molly, and everyone for this great event that I will cherish always.

  2. Joanne Musch says:

    Where did you get that hat? I loved the picture of Molly with her father. She looks like a movie star.
    Happy 70th Birthday my friend, Jody Musch

  3. Your dad is everything!!

  4. I love this! Would love to know how you made the Mrs. Miller graphics for the custom napkins and stirrers. Throwing this themes party for my best friend this month!

  5. Don Watson says:

    This is pretty awesome! Happy 70th!
    Where did you get the cake topper? did it come with the cake?