thirty, flirty and thriving

thirty flirty and thriving

today i am 30! i know i know, enough birthday talk already — but this one is a big milestone for me. i have been dreading turning 30 for about 3 years now, and my husband (who is 5 years older) has repeatedly told me that 29 is way worse than 30 because all you do is dread 30, so by the time you turn 30 – you’re just used to the idea. and now i totally get it. i think everyone turning 30 just questions all those things like have i accomplished enough, am i where i want to be, what’s gonna happen in the next 5 years, etc. and while i’m doing that – i’m also trying not to. when i see people younger than me that are way more accomplished or successful or famous – i always think hmm… they’re younger than me, boo. but maybe being a legit adult means you kind of get rid of that envy and jealousy and start getting inspired by it instead. had i started this blog sooner, maybe i’d be further along in the game than i am now (instead i had a weird comedy movie blog for about 2 years before this one where i did posts like “the top 10 scenes in movies where people eat lobsters”). despite all the things i haven’t done yet, i’m super lucky to be where i am in my life and that’s what matters. and i am waaaaay nicer, kinder, and wiser than i was at 25. well i think so anyway.

i’m stoked for the future and the next chapter and the babies and the house and all that. so 30 is cool with me. i still am gonna shop at forever 21 and i’m still gonna watch the real world.

so how was it for you?

oh and PS, my birthday celebration last week turned out to be an amazing surprise party with a video of my friends and family along with a day on a boat with lobster rolls. it was perfect. i’m saying bye early this week to celebrate just a little more (along with celebrating gideons birthday on sunday). bye!

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    1. haha oh no, it really never ends.

  1. i’m interested in these lobster scenes…

  2. Happy Birthday!! You are a wonderful lady, and an inspiring blogger to say the least! I am approaching 29 in the next few weeks, and I can already feel that dread of 30 moving in. It gives me more confidence to see your positive attitude toward younger people who might seem more accomplished. I often feel like I’m way behind (just started blogging this year), but it’s really not a race. Everyone has to find happiness and success on their own path. Thanks for being awesome!! -N xo

    1. thank you nikki! it’s true. even if I’m not where i want to be yet, i’m still doing (for the most part) what makes me happy and according to my parents, thats way ahead of the curve. happy almost birthday!

  3. I’m 32 and turning 30 felt like NBD. When you’re in your 20s you can’t really imagine what your 30’s will be like and so most people panic. Then you have a party, and you are like wait, I’m still awesome, I’m still young and things will only get better!

    1. haha! yeah! i got as drunk at my 30th bday party as i did my 29th! YAY!

  4. Happy birthday! I love your blog and how far it has come, it’s incredibly comforting as someone just starting out that a change in direction is not always a bad thing. 🙂 take care and have fun!

    1. thank you puvan! as long as we’re all doing what makes us happy (hopefully vs making good money) i think thats really what counts. i’ve turned down high paying job opportunities to keep the blog going, and if it doesn’t pay off monetarily at least it might emotionally! haha

  5. Happy birthday and congrats to all the personal growth over the years. Though I must say, these lobster related scenes do sound interesting…maybe you should have completely sidelined that blog? lol

    1. ugh. yeah probably should have! thank you!

  6. Turning 30 was awesome for me, but terrifying. I returned to study, so all my classmates are 18 and going places and I’m just like… well aren’t I a big fat failure? But I’m a lot more confident in myself, I’ve made my mistakes and can see the good in my current and future mistakes whilst they’re having meltdowns over whether or not some vague Facebook comment was directed at them. I get to sit back and think. “oh precious child, one day you will reach my level of self-awareness and wisdom… holy sh*t who tagged me in that photo I look terrible DELETE ALL EVIDENCE”.

    1. hahaha — yeah, glad to know turning 30 doesn’t make us totally out of touch with reality! going back to school at an older age is such a smart idea because you’ll take it so much more seriously than if your parents were forcing you. good luck and thanks for making me laugh!

  7. Happy birthday Molly! Always be young in heart and mind!

  8. LOL. 30 is not that bad to me my 30’s have been the best years of my life. I am now 37 and i am dreading 40 but I am still enjoying the next few years in my 30’s. To me it seemed like in my 20’s I was finding myself wasn’t sure who i was or wanted to be and in my 30’s it all made sense. I realized : I know nothing and I am ok with it- i’m ok with who i am now. 30’s are a fun time so enjoy and don’t worry so much everything will work itself out.
    Happy Birthday !


  9. Happy birthday Molly! I turn 30 this next week… how is it? LOL!!! I’m actually really looking forward to it!!

  10. i just turned 29 last month and i’m feeling wonderful! it’s not that i feel i’m still young but just knowing i’ve gained so much through out the years.. really makes me look forward to the future 😀

    belated happy birthday!

  11. For me 30 wasn’t so bad, but 31! My husband said the same thing, and he turned 31 before I did. Luckily the feeling doesn’t last, and you can move on from there. Happy Birthday!