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sorry for the radio silence last week… last weekend i went to the walk in clinic for what i thought was maybe an ear infection. the doctor said i was fine, but the next day – came down with the flu. yes i am of the strong belief that going to the clinic got me sick (the waiting room was full of people coughing). so while i brought gideon to vegas for his christmas present of penn and teller – i got sick during dinner and coming down with the flu in a vegas casino is probably the least ideal place to be. btw i made those vintage style tickets for him, and i highly recommend designing the tickets if you get someone them for a gift. way more exciting a reveal than ticket master.

i spent the rest of the week in bed – and besides getting sick over and over, i’m in the midst of wedding venue scouting. which is much harder than it seems like it would be before you get engaged. by the end of my research, maybe i’ll do a post on all the pros and cons of the places we’ve found. we drove to joshua tree to check out 29 palms – and it would be a really cool wedding with everyone staying on the commune, but overall it just wasn’t totally right (and we didn’t like the food)

whats been up

trying to stay sane while juggling being sick, going back to work, getting back into DIY mode and finding a place to get married. so far, not doing so well on the sane part.

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