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printable july 4th ice cream cup wrappers

printable july 4th ice cream cup wrappers | almost makes perfect

FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY JULY! with july fourth coming up this week, i wanted to share a printable that you can use for the occasion. who doesn’t want to eat ice cream all day?! (well, i’m lactose intolerant, but i do it on special occasions) so if you’re eating ice cream – festive. it. up.

july 4 printable ice cream cups

if you’re following me on instagram, you might know i’ve been getting obsessed with hand lettering – i wouldn’t say i’m good at it, but i do think i’ve improved a lot from the first day i was sick in bed to the last. 10,000 hours you guys. so i wanted to incorporate some into the printable. plus i was stoked with how “july” came out.


printable july 4th ice cream cups  | almost makes perfect

all you have to do is print the label on standard sized 8.5 x 11″ paper, carefully cut around the edges, wrap around your cup and secure with tape or glue.

printable july 4th ice cream wrappers | almost makes perfectprintable july 4th ice cream cups | almost makes perfect

see how well the labels coordinator with the watercolor napkins from last week? yeah, maybe not a total accident at all. do both projects and you can have a july 4th watercolor party!

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  1. Very simple but meaningful. Love the color of the design. It tells a lot about the 4th of July.