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printable holiday gift tags


printable holiday gift tags | almost makes perfect

it’s almost time to open that stack of boxes full of gifts in your living room and start wrapping! i always love a fun gift tag to spice up a present – so i made 10 different printable tags for you guys!

as i’ve now said quite a few times, i’m super into hand lettering and the more i do it the more i think i’m improving. i still think i kinda suck, but as allen iverson said : practice. wrong demo?

holiday printable gift tags | almost makes perfectprintable holiday gift tags  | almost makes perfect

as always, just print, trim and use a punch a hole for your ribbon.

holiday printable gift tags | almost makes perfect

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    1. they’re actually written in watercolor, which i just learned is WAY more forgiving than pens once you get used to it!

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  2. Hi Molly! These are beautiful and I love all the messages on it. It will come super handy for me as I’m doing some last minute wrapping. I’ve been trying to learn handlettering too. So fun. ; )

  3. Oh wow! Absolutely amazing typography! I may just have to steal them. But the biggest question is… Where did you get white wrapping paper from??

  4. love these..but as a none DYI person… is there a certain type of card stock or paper you use to print the wonderful tags? do you just use scissors to cute them out? anyone that can give me some pointers will be appreciated

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