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diy no sew moroccan wedding blanket tree skirt

no-sew moroccan wedding tree skirt | almost makes perfect

first off : longest DIY title ever.

secondly : i am so excited to show you guys our tree skirt! i know i posted last week about not being able to get a tree, but like i said, i always cave and we are totally fine with a smaller sized tree. i’ve always disliked the tree skirt we had, and decided it was time to make our own. i’ve always loved moroccan wedding blankets, but could never afford one – not to mention sequins don’t really go with our everyday decor. so i thought incorporating one into our once a year holiday decorations would mean i’d be ok with some sparkle, and i won’t get sick of looking at it.

diy no-sew moroccan wedding blanket tree skirt | almost makes perfect

as you guys know, i can’t sew. so i came up with the idea that i would glue everything on — it might not be the most indestructible method, but because we’ll only be using it for a few weeks a year, i thought it would hold up ok. plus it was super easy.


  • plain white fabric
  • sequined trim
  • shag fabric
  • white decorative true
  • painters tape
  • a shit ton of permanent fabric glue

no-sew moroccan tree skirt | almost makes perfect

01. cut your base fabric down to the size you want. i wanted a hexagonal shape – so we bought a large square, and taped off the sides to create the shape i wanted. then i just trimmed inside the tape.

02. cut a seam in the middle to wrap around your tree, along with a hole in the center.

03. cut 2 – 3″ strips of the shag fabric.

04. lay out all of your pieces onto the fabric, until you’re happy with everything. i was fine with the pattern looking a little wonky because i wanted it to look handmade like a true moroccan wedding blanket. i alternated the order of the sequined trim on every other side of the shag.

05. once you’re happy with the layout, start gluing. then glue all day long. let dry, trim off the overlaps. let dry for 24 hours.

no-sew moroccan wedding blanket tree skirt | almost makes perfect

i made a bunch of mistakes along the way, i first cut the hexagon to a certain size and after laying out all of my trims, was short on sequins. so i trimmed down the edges of the base and started over. i had to re – space everything a zillion times before gluing. i was also super sloppy with cutting the shag down as you can probably see, but in the end i’m still the handmade look of it.

my best advice is to buy more of everything than you think, especially fabric glue. i used three bottles!

no-sew moroccan tree skirt | almost makes perfectdiy no-sew moroccan wedding tree skirt | almost makes perfectno-sew moroccan wedding blanket tree skirt | almost makes perfectno-sew moroccan wedding tree skirt | almost makes perfect

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  1. Wow! That is gorge! Christmas tree skirts can last a long time. I still use the one my great, great grandma made for my parents, every year.

  2. This is perfect!! I’ve already decorated my tree for this year, but I think I’m still going to make my own version of this later on today and switch it out. LOVE!!

  3. oh, this is awesome! I cannot sew either so I was trying to figure out what to do about the tree skirt, since I am sick of those ugly white generic ones… now I know! Thank you! Even a craft-challenged gal like myself can pull this off, I think 😉

  4. GIRL! I adore your blog and all your awesome content.. Seriously cannot wait to follow along and see more.

    Happy New Year!

  5. That might be a great idea I could use the one theme I don’t have a Christmas tree skirt. Plus Eggplant ones are hard to find and the fabric pick myself would work.

  6. Another statement. Why didn’t you make it a circle just fold twice and draw a 1/2 circle using chalk and a pin to hold it in the center of the folded. Then cut the chalk line. Or something more fun would be to do a star. I have no idea but kind the same basis on cutting a couple cuts I guess.

  7. hi i wanna know where can i find those blank gift wrappers please ? 😀