our simple hallway makeover

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a hallway is so easy to overlook, and i didn’t even realize because it was completely overlooked for almost exactly 3 years now! (our house-aversary was halloween) there are so many more important spaces in a house that take precedence but we spend so much time in the hallway, walking from room to room (as one does in a hallway) and our laundry is in the hallway so we spend a LOT of time sitting and watching the exciting process (arlo’s hobby, i personally don’t find it as fascinating). so after needing a little house project to “get my fix”, i decided to do a mini makeover.

we’ve always wanted to hang some family photos up now that we have arlo, because that’s like, what family does. but we really don’t have a lot of wall space in general (our house isn’t big), so we’ve never come up with a place for them. i considered our hallway but since it’s so long and narrow i didn’t really think it was the right spot but that was dumb of me because it’s actually the perfect spot! they aren’t in our faces all the time and they’re a fun thing to look at when we walk by. i worked with frame it easy, it was so easy to order from their site, and i was able to fully customize the exact size i wanted to fit the wall perfectly. i was also able to quickly duplicate the frame so i didn’t have to rebuild 5 times, and the frames arrived super fast too. 

first, we measured the full wall area we had to work with, and then we did some sort of math for like 5 days because we’re terrible at math — and came up with 5 frames at 18″ wide for the look we wanted. (i also considered doing two rows but ultimately decided that was so not toddler friendly). i did the light wood frame (honey color) in 18×27″. i love that they’re tall and thin and just look exactly like i pictured. my absolute favorite part is the non-glare acrylic, i always prefer acrylic because i’m paranoid about babies / earthquakes / etc and the non glare looks good no matter what time of day.

i love the look of an oversized mat but decided to add a “faux” mat to my images directly to because i loved the idea of an offset. it ultimately will be a slightly bigger pain to replace the photos, but i saved the file so i can swap them out and reprint whenever. if i had done a standard mat, the prices of their frames are still about half the price of other online shops.

btw when i said the hallway was overlooked, the thing is that actually the hallway was one of the first areas i “decorated” when we moved in. we had runner rugs from our wedding that we used for our aisle and i just threw two of them down and called it a day. then i did that project to redo the cabinet fronts which made the hallway soooo much nicer to look at. but recently it occurred to me, as much as i loved the runners because they’re cute and sentimental, they just didn’t really go with the rest of the house full of beige moroccan rugs lol. we’ve been casually searching for a super long vintage beni runner for a while, but to no avail. so i just finally decided to replace them with a pair of runners. they’re just two of the same rug but i actually love it. and we had three giant engineer prints of arlo hanging from his birthday party (…in june lol) so i was really excited to replace those.

i get so many questions about the baby gate and really i should just do a full post on it, but haven’t. i came up with the design and just had my carpenter build it for me and paint it white. we attached it directly to the wall and i love it so much more than a typical baby gate, especially because it’s one of the first things you see when you enter our house. but i get lots of questions about the construction and like i said i didn’t build it! i sure did outsource well though huh.

the hallway feels so grown up now! and like, finished! i love it so much. the rugs are sooo much more comfortable to sit on during a laundry sesh. and i pick up arlo to look at each framed photo and point out arlo, mama and dada and it’s a very fun way to kill 3 minutes a day. basically i’m v stoked on how just a couple of little changes made such a big difference and a perfect way to do a little spruce up for the holidays.


frames / runner rugs / wood cabinet knobs / doorknobs

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  1. Mandana Sisco says:

    Hi Molly!!
    I am so sorry to bother you but I looooove your new frames in your hallway and was hoping you could give me some more direction on how you went about doing it. I completely understand you have provided details on your blog but I’m still struggling. 🙁
    Questions are….
    1) The frames were 18×27″ – what size were your actual pictures?
    2) How did you do a faux mat? I just LOVE the amount of white space!

    I’m on the frame It easy site and am going step by step through it but getting stuck on the Art Size (step 1) and Mat Options (Step 3). I know there are only 4 steps – so embarrassed but desperately wanting to replicate this so I am asking you mom to mom. HELP!

    many thanks!!

  2. I love how you edited your photos! They are crisp but somehow also look faded/antiqued almost. Would you share how you did it? Are they just black and white? Did you use an action? Your gallery wall turned out so beautifully!

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      i used a b&w filter in vsco!

  3. Lynzee Waddle says:

    Hi Molly!

    Love this idea! How did you do the faux matte with the photo?!?

    Thank you!

  4. Can you share the source for the baby gate hardware?

  5. Hi

    Love your idea with wall gallery what size are your pictures and mount

    Thank you

    1. Well executed and such a great space. Hope far apart did you hang the frames from each?

  6. Alisa Kunz says:

    K saw this question in your comments but didn’t see your answer. I would love to do these in my hall..

    1) The frames were 18×27″ – what size were your actual pictures?
    2) How did you do a faux mat? I just LOVE the amount of white space!

  7. Hi!!

    Tank you for creating this wonderful blog and bringing so much value to all of us..!

    I also would love to recreate the frames in my hallway,

    I have the same 2 questions:

    What sizes did you print your pictures in and how did you do a faux mat..?

    Thank you so much Molly!

  8. How wide is your hallway?

    1. Wish I could find your exact rug. Two of these would be perfect for my long hallway. I’m inspired by your whole post.?

  9. What colour of white is on your walls? I love the entire decor !

    1. Hi!

      I just adore your hallway.
      And those rugs! Can you tell the store where you bought them?

      Many thanks from Portugal,

  10. Dear Molly

    I also wish to get the exact rugs. Where can I get them?

    Many thanks in advance.


  11. Karen Lewis says:

    I think it’s so sad that someone shares a blog but never responds to anyone’s questions. A bit rude.

  12. Very little details are given about the actual process of printing your photos, size of the matt, etc. I can’t even find the honey colored frame on their website. For a paid post, some more detail should have been given. Most people are coming here to duplicate what you did as evident in the comments.

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      because the process involved just photoshopping the photos to have a mat– i actually don’t think i would recommend doing it this way! now that it’s been a few years and we have another child it’s a much bigger pain to replace the photos.
      instead i’d recommend just using prefab oversized mats like these:

      https://bit.ly/44wxIBk (especially love these because they just stick right on your wall)