an attempt to look way less tired

arlo sleeps pretty well these days (really hope i’m not jinxing myself by writing that in a blog post), and actually much better than me! i don’t know what it is about taking care of a kid but omg by 830pm i am BEAT every single night. many nights i’ll get in bed and immediately fall asleep. it actually was a running joke i made with gid in the early days with arlo, i would say “watch my trick!” and instantly be asleep hahah — i still basically feel like that even after 16 months of motherhood. i wake up around 630-7am but it almost always feels like it’s 2am and like i JUST went to sleep. and this dumb daylight savings time is not doing us any favors.

so when Olay reached out about their new Brightening Eye Cream, i knew i was a good candidate to try it out! if i’m being honest, i generally would say i have pretty good, young skin (my mom is almost 70 and has like no wrinkles!). but i did think i could use a boost. especially since i go so natural with my makeup. so in an effort to stay young looking, i am happy to be adding the eye cream to my night time routine. 

i’m pretty minimal in all beauty regimens, before i go to bed i will brush my teeth, rub my face with toner if i’m looking oily, moisturize my hands if it’s the winter, and put chapstick on before i fall asleep (the only way i can avoid picking as a hobby). i always get excited about new beauty products, but i very quickly forget to use them. but i have been keeping up with using this eye cream at night and not only am i so proud of myself, i swear it’s actually working!

i think i’m pretty ok at doing my own makeup, i mean i can do my eyeshadow and eyeliner and all that and i’m pretty good with my brow gel, but i only wear powder and whenever i try to use foundation or even tinted moisturizer i look pretty cakey. and same goes for concealer, every time i’ve ever gotten my makeup done i look in the mirror and i’m shocked how young and rested i look! and then i buy some under eye concealer and go home and try it myself and i look like a raccoon. WHY IS IT SO HARD?! so i am so excited for a product that would mean i could look just as rested, naturally.

after just a few weeks of using it, i feel like i am looking way less tired! but honestly i feel like i saw results in just a couple of days. my under eye area feels totally brighter. (if you too struggle with remembering to use products at night, you gotta keep it like right next to your toothbrush! it’s the only way for me.) it goes on so lightweight (and smells so good too), and has vitamin C to brighten the under eye area, but it also hydrates to smooth and illuminate the skin and brightens the look of eye contours by visibly reducing dark circles. i know a lot of moms who complain about looking (and feeling) tired all the time, so i think we could all use a little boost. if we’re not going to get more sleep we can at least look like we did?!

head to CVS to try the new Olay Brightening Eye Cream for yourself

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay.
The opinions and text are all mine.

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