home tour : andrea ochoas light filled home

i only recently followed andrea on instagram, but i love seeing peeks into her cheerful home and two adorable (and super well dressed) kids. i love how her house feels super unfussy– to me, it just feels warm, bright and cozy andddd– how about that massive fig tree?!

tell us about you and what you do!

i live in southern california and work as a high school counselor. i used to teach english but it was not my thing so I found another avenue where i can work with kids but don’t have to deal with discipline or grading! it’s awesome and I get summers off which is really nice.

creatively, it doesn’t provide me with much of an outlet so that’s why I have really taken to instagram. it allows me to express myself through styling (especially my kids), some photography here and there and interior design.

how long have you lived in your home?

we moved here from our tiny 700 sq ft apartment about a year and a half ago. i cant believe we lived in a place that small with four dogs and a toddler.

how many sq feet is your home?

a little over 1600 sq ft so i am sure you can imagine how free i felt after we moved from our tiny apartment.


own. we were kind of looking here and there and got outbid on what I thought was the perfect house for us at the time (it was a craftsman but much smaller and needed a ton of work) and ended up here. I am so glad that happened!

what would you call your style?

i think it is really a mixture of california casual, scandinavian, and modern. Is that possible? haha. I generally like my space to feel open, minimal and with lots of light. I also gravitate towards whites, creams,and wood tones but I am not afraid to incorporate a little bit of color here and there.

what’s your favorite spot in the house?

i love our living room. its a nice spot to hang out in front of the fireplace with coffee on a chilly morning and has a really big window that gives lots of natural light.

what was the biggest splurge?

i really don’t spend that much on furnishings to be honest but I do have a few small indulgences that I love: heather taylor home linens and pillows, heather levine ceramics, and vintage midcentury pieces from the rosebowl flea market or etsy.

what’s something you want to change but haven’t gotten to?

our house was built in 1952 and i am pretty sure the bathrooms and kitchen have not been updated since then lol so all of the aforementioned items are big to-dos that will happen hopefully sooner rather than later

what’s your best design advice?

i would say that when it comes to incorporating pieces into your home, it is best to try not to impulsively buy anything. i try to sit on things for a while before purchasing and when i do that it usually ends up being something that i keep for a long time. also, less is definitely more! dont be afraid to get rid of stuff.

what’s your favorite thing about your home?

i love all of the windows- our playroom has seven- and i also love the original wood flooring that runs throughout the house. its got some marks and scuffs but has held up so well considering the age. It really warms up our home.

tell us about your little office nook!

I work as a counselor in a high school and when quarantine started all of the schools closed so i really needed a space to work. we had this little area between the living room and kitchen that i believe the previous owners used as a breakfast nook and i knew it would be perfect for an office space. i also found a few pictures on pinterest of floating desk ideas so i found a local carpenter to make the pieces out of white oak. i measured everything and sent him a picture of what i wanted and he did a great job. i then had my husband install it all (and maybe move the shelves up and down a few times) and it turned out just like i wanted. we were also able to get this done fairly quickly-the entire process took about a week.

how did you get that fig so giant?

my most-asked question! i have had it for a little over five years and i almost killed it when i first got it. when i brought it home it was only about 2ft high and once i found that sweet spot when it comes to watering and light, it just flourished. i always tell everyone they like consistency; the same amount of water on the exact same day of the week. i also spray the leaves from time to time with water/coconut oil mixture and wipe them down to remove dust but that is it! not too much work.

do you miss having a coffee table?

not really. i like that my space feel more roomy without them. i might get one eventually but with two little kids and one that still walks around like hes drunk, it might be a while.

what are you watching/reading/eating?

watching all of the 90 day spin off series. Like where do they find these people?!? its so hard to look away.

reading ‘the best of me’ by david sedaris. hes hilarious!

eating lots and lots of sweets. we bake on the daily because we get so bored!

who are your favorite follows on IG?

i love @melburstin. I think I have probably bookmarked everything from her page. I also love @masonpeter for potential kitchen and bathroom inspo in the future. I also love @rudyjude. She is a woman of many talents!

what are 3 things helping you get through this time the most?

baked goods, 90 day fiance, and a nice, mostly clean space to relax in.


entry bench: discontinued from ikea
throw pillows: vintage fringe pillows from etsy (similar)
dining table: discontinued from Ikea (similar)
dining chairs
nightstand: discontinued from ikea 

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  1. Dana crawford says:

    Andrea house is bueatifull.so creative and. Decor flies just right for young couples. These days. IKEA has great value and easy put together furnature. This white decor looks easy to keep clean.and classic.