our dining nook

i only just recently updated the dining nook a bit, but i wasn’t super happy with it and recently decided i’m going to redo some spaces in my house since i’m never moving at this point and i might as well love my house now! so a very easy corner to do first was the dining nook.

all that i changed out was the accessories and i left the furniture as is, but somehow it feels like a whole new space! and so much more my current taste than it was.

the striped bolster pillows made the biggest difference, i was so excited when they went on sale recently and that they were so long i wouldn’t need to get anything custom made but they would really make the space feel a little more designed.

i changed out the wall art and the light as well — the light has actually never really been centered over the table and i finally had it fixed and i’m just so happy with the changes!

i still want to get roman shades here and i think that will warm up the space so much more, but i was too excited to not share the room now! someday i’ll have my dream formal dining actual room instead of nook, but for now — i’m really happy.

and for those who are new here, i have more info about how i did the built-ins with ikea dressers in this old post. (wow this corner has come a long way since then!)

i will say that if i had to do it again, i would use the wider drawers versus the smaller ones, they’d hold a lot more large platters and just be a lot more useful i think.

table / chairs / chair dupe / pendant light
striped bolster pillows / cushions (similar) /
wall mounted candle holder / beeswax candles
wall art / olive tree / flowers / vase / placemats (similar)

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  1. Nicely done. Simple changes can make such a difference.