our hallway : the plan

while i really should be working on one room at a time, my scattered brain won’t let me focus on one so therefore i’m slightly working on way too many at once, resulting in not finishing anything — but here we are! the hallway needs some love. it’s just felt like a really boring blank canvas for a few years to me now and i’d love to have it make me happy since i walk through it a lot!

anyway, this before pic is quite old as you can tell by the size of arlo– but it almost hasn’t changed at all since then!

replacing the runner rugs

after many years of the moroccan runner rugs we had in here taking a serious beating, i decided the first step would be swapping out the rugs. i still wanted something simple, soft and neutral, and i’m very happy with the runners i ended up with!

and now, still to do —

painting the cabinets?

ok this might be a mistake, but i think i want to paint the built in cabinets here. once upon a time, i wanted things never to stand out, things that weren’t necessarily beautiful i thought should blend in– but now i feel like if i could infuse some fun or personality here, i want to!

so i’m thinking i could paint the cabinets a sage green maybe? or another color? let me know if you have ideas! i’m actually more into blue now but i want to paint arlos room blue which is right across the hall so it feels too matchy. i’m also thinking of painting the wood knobs the same color.

i also considered painting the ceiling in here but the cabinets seem like a better move.

heres a quick mock up to just see what they would look like with a color…

swapping out the gallery wall

more than anything, i need to finally switch out this gallery wall! the pictures are from arlos baby years haha. i did an easy work-around to design the family photos with a large mat versus getting frames that actually had a large mat, so they’re not really easy to swap. so this time i’d love to make it easier to add or change the art so we can keep it updated. izzy deserves a spot on the wall finally!

i still love the look of the oversized mat so that’s what i’m leaning towards.

adding warmth with window treatments

even though the backdoor actually has a built-in shade, i want to add a roman shade because i really think it would warm the door up.

hiding our storage

we have bins above the washing machine that really are beautiful, but they don’t hide anything and it looks like an eyesore always. i’d love to get some storage baskets instead that would hide all the unsightly tissue boxes, excess detergent, etc. the ones in the collage are out of my budget but that’s the idea.

frames / rugs / SAGE paint / baskets / roman shades

ok so that’s what i’m thinking — please let me know if you think it’s crazy to paint the built in or if it’s possibly brilliant!?

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  1. I am gonna miss the gallery of Arlo. But your plan sounds great. Love the color and the new rug.

  2. Like Julia says, it’s just paint! If you don’t like it, change it back–but you’ll never know until you try it!!!! xx