modern menorahs

been meaning to do this post forever! most menorahs are pretty tradish and boring — but when i started looking i found some really cool, beautiful menorahs!

via maris trace chanukiah

on of the most modern and beautiful menorahs i’ve ever seen! (and comes in a few different colors)

cast iron menorah by areaware

my favorite part about this one is the little tray to catch the wax drippings!!

shanya menorah

i love a menorah that could be displayed all year. so gorgeous!!

swey menorah by sin

the coolest shape!!! this one is unreal!

handmade carved soapstone menorah

this menorah is so good. handmade carved soap stone and it’s definitely one of my favorites on here

blue onyx menorah

the most beautiful blue onyx.

wave bronze menorah

love the unique shape of this one, another one that would look good on display all year!

pure ceramic menorah

i love the chubby shape of this one and the price!

white ash menorah

love the simplicity of this wood one.

handmade brass menorah

and for the super minimalists…

glass menorah

so simple and pretty

via-maris block chanukiah 

comes in a bunch of pretty colors and stores your candles!

JST x ANK short scale menorah

such a gorgeous and timeless ceramic design!!

and i own it 🙂

elevation white marble menorah

courtly classic menorah

for the checker lovers!

agria abstract concrete menorah

gold leaf menorah

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  1. Great post! Makes me excited for the holidays and inspired by the beautiful designs!

  2. Sharon Prentice says:

    Hi there
    Do you ship to New Zealand


  3. Thank you for including my menorah as “chic and simple”! It’s also zero-waste, lead-free and locally-made in my small shop. We’re making more today.

  4. Thank you for doing these! I appreciate it so much. I mean, no one else does pretty Jewish round ups. Love