our bedroom : before and after

almost makes perfect bedroom 01

so excited to finally share the master bedroom with you! it’s definitely the first room that we’ve “finished” (but can you ever really finish a room if you’re a crazy person?). 

i’ve mentioned that the first thing we did before even moving in was paint it all white (we used behr ultra white). this made such a big difference, but the other thing we had to deal with was the behemoth ceiling fans in every room. they hung super low and they were butt ugly. so we swapped the bedroom one out with a really simple white one with a shorter down rod, and i could not believe what a huge improvement just changing a ceiling fan made. but like, seriously. look at the photos. when we first switched it out i must have stared at it for three hours.

almost makes perfect bedroom - BEFORE 3almost makes perfect bedroom - BEFORE 2almost makes perfect bedroom - BEFORE 1almost makes perfect bedroom 15

one of the things we loved about this house was the master en suite (LOL i really said that), our last bedroom was this shitty little dungeon where we had a black out shade taped down because our cat would pull it up while we slept and the room was real bad. so i was so excited to have an actual master bedroom and make it all cozy and calming and grown up (but not in a lame way), and i actually think i accomplished that because i am reaaaaally happy in here. like i’ve never been so happy in any room ever. it was also totally an accident that the room turned out basically all beige, but maybe like a happy accident.

almost makes perfect bedroom 14almost makes perfect bedroom 03

we had this really long empty wall walking in with which i had no idea what to do. we debated a long bench, a gallery wall, but ultimately we agreed on this big leaning mirror which i am so stoked on. and so relieved i didn’t do a gallery wall because i would have gotten sick of that in about 20 minutes.

almost makes perfect bedroom 11almost makes perfect bedroom 06almost makes perfect bedroom 09almost makes perfect bedroom 08almost makes perfect bedroom 07

because we luckily have a big closet, we’re able to keep our clothes in there so we opted for a cabinet instead of dresser. we can hide tv stuff and our router and cat toys and accessories in this instead.

almost makes perfect bedroom 12almost makes perfect bedroom 05

i have a problem being non committal when it comes to hanging things. we’ve lived in our house since december and we’ve only just nailed about 5 holes into the walls. whenever we hang something i decide i don’t like it and want to switch it out and its a really vicious cycle, but i chose to hang a simple wedding photo and the DIY wall hanging above our bed. i think the simpler the better for me.

almost makes perfect bedroom 02almost makes perfect bedroom 16

i realized i’ve never actually shown you guys a room of ours ever, because i’ve never felt like i’ve ever “decorated” a room to completion. and like i said, in all honesty the room might look totally different in a year, but i did learn a lot in my process of attempting to actually “finish” a room! go slowly and only choose items you really really love, and keep it simple stupid. and fill corners with plants, because that’s what looks good in corners.

almost makes perfect bedroom 04





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  1. We’re looking to get that mirror for our guest room, so I’m so happy to see how wonderful it looks in your master! Renovation looks beautiful!

  2. Hey Molly,

    this room turned out beautifully! Well done. I could totally see myself relax here. Not that I would. That would be creepy.

  3. lovely!

    love what you did with the place, crving to seed the other rooms!

    p. s: taking ideas ’cause I’m moving out soon.


  4. I love the nightstands and the subtle prints in the room- very soothing, I also have that credenza and although typically I think west elm is crap quality I have had that for years and its in great shape!


  5. Bravo Molly
    This room is simple and elegant .
    Such an accomplishment to make your bedroom light and airy
    Nice job. Mom

    1. Where did you purchase your bed spread? I love it!

      1. Where did you purchase this bedspread? I love it! <3

  6. Such a beautiful space, so glad I got to see it in person! That mirror, along with everything else, is just perfection 🙂

  7. holy moly, cannoli! this place looks awesome. just out of curiosity, how well do you think the behr paint is holding up? and im a college gal right now (go cincinnati bearcats!), so im always looking for more un-permanent–is that a word?–ways to decorate my room… any suggestions?

    love you and a lil obsessed with your blog,

  8. Hoky Hannah girl this room is stunning! My master desperately needs to get finished. I can live with purple blank walls only for so long! (The paint was supposed to be grey ?)

  9. This room really is 100x better and more chic and relaxing than its “before” counterpart. I’m not always in love with all white everything but it works really well here.

    I do have to admit that I appreciate when bloggers (typically fashion bloggers, but I think it applies across the board) specify which individual items were c/o when working with a brand. Just one small mention.

  10. Molly , this bedroom is so chic you’re making me want to redo my room now. 🙁 I love the simplicity it’s perfect. I’ve been wanting that leather chair for some time and now I think I want it more. I have two cats as well do your cats knead on it ??


  11. We are in the process of building/buying/maybe/who knows? and I always refer to your social media outlets for inspiration! Probably a silly question, but what kind of plant is that? Thanks in advance!

  12. Can we get the details on the rug? Thanks!

    1. it’s from rugs usa! the link is above.

  13. I love every.single.thing about your new room!

  14. Love the space! Can you please let me know where you got the bedspread?

    Thank you!

  15. Love the bed cover and those night stands and of course that hanging you made above the bed <3

  16. Cassandra says:

    Love the bedspread! Can you tell us where it’s from??

    Thank you!

  17. I love how the neutral colors are so simple but the textures are so intricate. It looks so calm and cozy, which is pretty much the dream bedroom combo. Love it! 🙂

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  19. oh my gooooodnesss! so gorgeous! love love love! excellent choice on the mirror! love how fresh and clean this room feels! A+ 🙂

  20. This is a random question, but can you give details on the frame you used for your wedding pic? I’m in the market for square frames/mats to display my capstone design project in and these are pretty perfect. Thanks!

  21. Erica Lindsay says:

    I love everything about this!! Can you share details on the bowl on your credenza? It’s perfect!

    1. thanks erica! it’s from local and lejos — the link is above in the sources.

  22. This is fantastic, I love everything about your new bedroom!

  23. details on that cute planter on your credenza? in love!
    and the plant in it too!

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  25. Hey! I love everything about this room! Well done!
    I am actually attempting a DIY of this Cb2 bed. What size rug did you end up going with?

  26. I spent the last hour reading your blog, and it’s like reading something I could’ve written – from the commitment phobia of hanging things up in a new house to the ceramics classes to the backyard projects. Literally debated between a gallery wall and bench on an empty wall in my bedroom as well. Anyway, love your posts!

  27. hi molly!

    absolutely in love w your bedroom 🙂
    i was wondering where you got your tv from? it looks super thin, which is exactly what i’m in the market for.

  28. Hey Molly!

    So curious as to where you got your pyramid jewelry holder that sits on your nightstand??


  29. Hi! love your blog. Read it all the time for years. Quick question, what did you use for the 2 small windows in your room? are the roller shades?


  30. Hi, what lightbulbs are you using with those swing lamps? Thanks!

  31. Is this a King size bed? If so what size rug did you end up purchasing?

  32. Hey Molly,

    Where’d you find the shades? We are needing shades that snap into the window rather than drilling them into the moldings surrounding the window.

    Thanks! 🙂

  33. Beautiful! I’ve chosen a similar vibe for my master bedroom makeover – if that ever happens. Looks like you have no children? … so enjoy the peace… until you enjoy the chaos little feet bring.

  34. Where is that amazing blanket from!? Also capitalize I…

  35. What paint color did you use?

  36. Brilliant! Where is that accent chair from? It’s perfect.

  37. Amy Layton says:

    Hi – love your style- have been eying that bed- what are your thoughts on the height of it- seems low when I measure it out- but in love with the style

  38. Can you tell us what type of flooring that is? Beautiful!

  39. I just tried to purchase the nightstands, knowing that they’d be expensive but also knowing that West Elm has Free shipping until midnight tonight… I even signed up for the emails, which stated that I’d get 30% off, this week only!
    Well, neither discount code applied to these nightstands, even though they’re not on any type of sale already.
    You have a beautiful sense of style- the room looks amazing! But almost $500 for two nightstands? No thanks, West Elm. Keep your fake codes and imaginary discounts.
    Can’t wait to see what you decorate next, Molly! Beautiful room.

  40. I love the credenza as a media stand but are you able to change the channels on your cable box without opening the doors? I reached out to West Elm and they said most likely not but I thought I’d try to reach out to someone with experience!

  41. Hi!!

    Can you post a link for where you got your bed spread? It’s beautiful and the link at the end of your post doesn’t work anymore. Thank you so much!

  42. Taylor Vh says:

    Hi molly! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a planter like the one you have your palm in. Where on earth did you find that one?

  43. What color is the white trim?

  44. pamela ruof says:

    where did you get the big blanket/comforter that is on the bed

  45. I NEEEEEED that bedspread in my life! Can you share where you bought it?!