dream house : the backyard

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

even though we’re having some challenges when it comes to loans, i’m still looking like crazy at houses. and all i can do is fantasize about what it’ll be like to have our own home and all the things i’ll do to it and all the apartment neighbors we won’t have to listen to. so i decided to start a new little column while we house hunt to slightly nourish said fantasies.

the thing i’m most excited about is having an outdoor space. right now we have a tiny balcony that’s so tiny we don’t even bother going out there anymore, so i’ve been day dreaming about sitting outside drinking lemonade cocktails and foraging fresh herbs to garnish them with and hosting BBQs and sunbathing and even just sitting outside to talk on the phone. so here are some of the spaces that i’m finding suuuuper inspiring.

dream house | the backyard | almost makes perfect

a fireplace and a cozy deck for eating is like, everything i want. [image]

dream house - the backyard | almost makes perfect

and cozy lounging. [image]

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

basically if you’re living in a botanical garden, you know you’ve made it in life. [image]

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

more cozy lounging, more cozy dining. [image / image]

dream house ~ the backyard | almost makes perfect

oh and i want string lights everywhere and a ping pong table for when i feel super active and athletic. [image]

dream house -- the backyard | almost makes perfect

no words. [image]

do you have a backyard? and if so, do you even use it? haha, i feel like these are probably pipe dreams and i’d end up spending way less time out there than i plan to.

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  1. My yard is small, but it is one of the things I love most about my home. It’s super shaded, and I live near the lake so even on hot days, there’s enough of a breeze for me to enjoy sitting out on my deck. I treasure lazy Sunday mornings outdoors with my coffee and a book. Fingers crossed that your dreams come true.

  2. Oh girl, I feel you with craving outdoor space! After Boston’s absurd 7-foot snowbanks this past winter, I more than ever need a place to enjoy the summer sun while it’s here. Sadly I can’t convince husband to join me on lawn chairs in the driveway. These are all beautiful spaces. Good luck with financing and house hunting!

  3. These are INCREDIBLE spaces. Wow. My husband and I just bought our first remodel and we’ve been spending way too much time working on the backyard, instead of fixing up the space we actually live in 😉 we finally have our own garden and a little sandbox for our daughter…so fun. I hope you get your dream backyard soon! Keep daydreaming!

  4. I seriously can’t wait to stop apartment life and get into a house with a yard. I am so over container gardening. These are lovely ideas!

  5. I do love having a backyard–and a screened-in porch that overlooks it. I can let my dog play to her heart’s content while I lounge on a patio chair and drink a glass of rosé . Summer perfection!

  6. LOVE this backyard inspo. I’ve been majorly swooning over the Smitten Studio backyard since I first saw it. We have a sort of ‘L’ shape deck off the kitchen and I can’t wait to redo it and make some built-in benches, put in a fire pit and make room for a hammock. Oh and a plant wall! I feel like a backyard space is somewhere you have to make a habit of being before it becomes a true ‘hangout’. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  7. Jillian Brooks says:

    I know how you feel, I’ve been a chronic real estate hound since I could read. I used to steal my parent’s architectural digest to read the for sale section. That said, I’ve since gotten an amazing apartment in downtown Dallas with a giant south facing balcony. The real estate market being what is in Dallas right now, it’s a terrible time to buy (high prices, low inventory), and I couldn’t imagine leaving our apartment and finding anything remotely comparable. So maybe it’s not the right time for a home for you two, but there could be an equally amazing apartment that could fulfill all your needs. Let’s face it, a home mortgage and calling the plumber weren’t at the top of the list.

  8. A nice backyard is a big wishlist item for me too! I grew up in a house that had a huge yard complete with detached garage, dog kennel (for a single dog), large garden, tree for climbing, and even a raspberry bush patch! I would love to have something where I can relive so many of those childhood memories. Best of luck with the loans and I hope you can get the place you dream of!