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cute kids beds for every budget

since updating arlos room, i’ve been getting a lot of questions asking about what bed i would have chosen had i not gone with bunkbeds. so we rounded up tons of beds that can grow with your kids, and of every type! twin and full size, bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds — so many cute beds for every budget.

we skipped the toddler beds in this post, because personally, i don’t think they’re worth the investment unless you’re very low on space since they grow out of them really quickly. so, sorry if you’re looking for toddler beds here! i recommend you do a twin instead! 🙂

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standard twin and full size beds

most of these comes in both twin and full size options and additional colors. we tried to find a bunch of different styles and even found an aesthetic car bed, who knew that was possible!?

bed bath & beyond

Natural Wood Car Bed

i mean for a car bed, this is really not too bad looking!

pottery barn kids

Dawson Bed

pottery barn kids

nash bed

trundle beds

a trundle is great for sleepovers or house guests and can also be repurposed as additional storage or play space if you don’t need the extra bed.

arlo’s bunkbed came with a trundle we haven’t assembled yet that we’ll be using for extra play space.


Berber Fleece Platform Bed With Twin Trundle – grey

so cute i had to include it twice because i love this darker color too (probably safer for kids!)

bed bath & beyond

Cubo Zen Bed with Trundle

also comes in a full size and a bunch of different colors.


day beds are really useful as kids and toddlers beds because they can also double as a sofa/seating situation when in need!

what i also really like about them is that they have three sides, so if you’re trying to transition your child out of their crib, you can actually turn the daybed around the opposite way at first so it feels like they’re still safe in a crib. we did that for arlo and he found it to be very cozy!

bed bath & beyond

Piatta Daybed with Trundle

west elm

daisy daybed

west elm

ida daybed

you can also add on a trundle!

bunk beds

arlo has always wanted bunkbeds despite not having siblings, but kids just seem to find bunkbeds magical! bunkbeds are obviously ideal if you have two children who share a room and are limited on space versus having two small beds in one room — plus they’re fun!

almost all of these bunk beds are twin over twin size, but we decided to opt for a twin over full. we sit in his bed a lot so i wanted some extra space and to be able to lay there without hitting my head (i still hit my head) and what’s really nice about having the larger bed on bottom is that we can stand on it while arlo’s on the top bunk.


Jadelin Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

this is arlo’s bed! we love it so much.


Perch Twin Bunk Bed

also comes in a pretty walnut color and you can add on a trundle. it also comes in a loft bed option

loft beds

if you’re limited on space and your kid wants to sleep up high, a loft bed is a great option because you gain so much floor space by raising up their bed. underneath, you can setup a desk for them to do homework or you can use it as an extra play area.

honestly, if i had known arlo would have liked sleeping on top so much, i’d have maybe considered a loft bed instead but i’m sort of glad to have the extra bed!

west elm

nash loft bed

comes in twin and full sizes

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