my upcoming house projects

i shared that since we probably aren’t moving anytime soon, i’ve been gradually fixing up the house room by room to reflect my taste now. i was in such a rut for so many years, between the pandemic, trying to move for years, trying to have a baby for years, then having said baby — i really just lost all passion when it came to my house and caring about making it nice anymore.

but ever since i reignited the flame, i’ve been feeling really good! i still really really really want to move and do some more major home projects, but it’s been nice to have my house be a place that makes me happy again. plus i love to have creative projects going.

so today i’m going to share what i’ve done so far and some rooms i’m still planning on doing. these are just the cliff notes, when i have more plans i’ll share room by room plans.

our bedroom

i painted our bedroom and that felt like it transformed the room so much, i also got some new accessories– a new rug, new throw pillows, sconces and hung temporary curtains. hanging curtains made the biggest difference in terms of vibe too! so much softer. we also got a new mattress and it’s so much taller than our old one, it feels like we’re in a fancy hotel now.

still planning to hang new art i haven’t actually picked out yet, getting roman shades and curtains that are actually the correct height. and honestly i’d love to swap out some of the furniture in here. would love a linen bed and some wider nightstands that would fill the space a bit better. but for now, it feels like a whole new room!

quilt / throws / lumbar / blanket / bedding / wall art

sconces / curtain rod / curtain rings / mirror / rug / bed

wall paint is “kinfolk” by portola paints (color matched)

the dining nook

i redid the nook with just updated accessories and the only thing i want to still do is add roman shades. i like this corner so much better than i did before! would still kill for an actual dining room with walls someday though.

table / chairs / chair dupe / pendant light

striped bolsters / cushions (similar)

candle holder / wall art

the kitchen

i’d love to add cafe curtains to the windows, a roman shade to the kitchen door, swap out the hardware on the cabinets, and the runner rug– the runner in here has deeefinitely seen better days. i switched out the stools here and we’re all loving them so much more. we all actually sit here now!!!

also… if we have a light hanging over the sink, do you think it’s too much hanging pendant light to possibly add some to over the island?!? or maybe i should do hanging pendants over the island and replace with something different above the sink.

the living room

we just swapped out the sofa and i’m trying to figure out what to do about the rug, but also want to change a few other little things — just swapping accessories/decor mostly!

sofa (regular size) / ottoman / rug

floral pillows / striped pillows / swing arm light

arlo’s room

this is the biggest redo for sure! i sort of want to redo his whole entire room. i love the tiny updates i did last year (adding a long desk for him to play and build legos at) and taking down his closet doors to replace with curtains, but i really would love to make his room feel not only like him, but also designed!

he was very jealous when we painted izzy’s room and i’d love to give his room the same attention.

i’m gonna share a full post with my plan soon! but he wants me to incorporate the color red so it should be a fun challenge for me.

the playroom

not a top priority but gid is finally letting me work out here a little bit alongside him. i added a pull out couch and coffee table/play table here and would love to do a few more little things. add window treatments, add a door so that we each could have some privacy and most importantly – would loooove to paint over the sun mural. i am so sick of it!

pullout sofa / coffee table / stools / bookshelf

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  1. Hi Molly, love the changes you made! Where are your barstools from?

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      thank you!! theyre sold out right now but i’m waiting for a restock notice (they said just a couple weeks) and i’ll share the link when they’re back!

  2. Ooh! We are so interested in that Sundays couch but don’t know anyone who actually has one! What do you think?

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      it’s LIKE A CLOUD!!!! i will share more in a follow up post!

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Ok I interested to know what you are unsure about with your front room rug? I was just looking today and debating that one! The options are much cheaper than nordic knots, but seem similar. Loving all of the changes!

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      i love the rug! it’s insanely soft and cozy. the only thing is the fact that there isn’t a pattern, it’s showing every little spec (which there are millions of with izzy walking around)

  4. Hey Molly!!

    This is the post I’ve been waiting for! Love all of the updates. Curious about the master bedroom rug. It looks gorgeous in your room, but online it leans so yellow. Can you describe it in more detail?

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      i know! i noticed on arvin olanos instagram that the rug looked much paler in real life — it is definitely golden but i would say it would work in a neutral space just fine! definitely not as yellow as the picture looks!