loving where i live, now

ok wow this is a long time coming, but i have some big news today. big news for our house anyway haha. i’ve decided that i’m going to fix up our house and make it my style, today.

there was a big chain of events that went down that caused me to stop caring about our house — here’s how it went:

  1. after so many years of young adulthood and serial redecorating, i realized that i loved beige the most and if i decorated with more neutral pieces, i’d find myself craving redecorating less. i made our house very neutral and i felt at peace. and i was so proud of myself for keeping furniture for longer periods of time than i ever had before!
  2. the pandemic happened. we never left our house and i realized i wanted a new house. we started the process of house hunting and it was really hard, because the inventory was insanely limited and i didn’t want to settle for a house that didn’t have all the things we were looking for in our budget, when we were also perfectly comfortable in our existing house. (in retrospect was i too picky? perhaps, but i can’t think of a single house that we saw that i would have ended up being happy in)
  3. i had my first miscarriage and that began a long challenging journey that basically consumed everything in my entire life. i was in such a dark place and feels like i lost my passion for anything besides having a baby.
  4. then i decided i wanted to move again. i would save inspiration and ideas to secret dream house pinterest boards and have so much planned for my future home. why would i bother making changes to my house when we’re gonna move?! (i did add grass and do izzy’s nursery but still felt this way) my style has changed and evolved over the years and looking around my house… a lot of it isn’t even my taste anymore. i’m not even into boho!!!!
  5. interest rates skyrocketed and house prices never went down, and it became apparent we aren’t moving right now.
  6. i had an epiphany (and also my bff telling me) that i should just redecorate my house to my taste now and stop living in limbo. i should enjoy where i live NOW. my house used to be my thing! i shared it all the time and was more of a home account than anything else. i’ve let it become so unimportant to me and that makes me sad when i take a step back! BUT NOT ANYMORE.

so suddenly i became OBSESSED with redoing the entire house. i have mood boards and pinterest boards and full shopping carts all over the internet, so i need to chill out a bit, but i’m going to make my house a place i want to be again. i am bored just looking at it at this point.

i talked recently on instagram about feeling like i’m in a rut, with my creativity, my career, i guess all of it. i think that this will really help.

first up, we’re gonna do the dining nook!

… yes you heard me right. yes i just did the dining nook, but i’m going to do it better this time.

and i should say, i’m not doing any major reno projects, this is mostly just changing out things to better suit my taste now.

come back tomorrow and i’ll share the plan!!

and ps, yes i still want to move. and i am still considering a big move, but i think right now this will bring me joy and i hope you too.

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