my perfect baby registry

a looong time coming for this post, and many requests later i’m finally sharing my ULTIMATE BABY REGISTRY POST !!!

after doing it twice, you learn a lot! i’ve realize there are certain things you really don’t need, but another lesson we’ve learned after doing it twice is that certain things we used religiously the first time, our second baby hated and vice versa — every baby really is so different!

when you’re having a baby, everyone has their own opinion on the essentials, but honestly you don’t actually need all the things. however, there is a lot on this list because i wanted to give some options and varying price points. there are things i couldn’t have survived with, and there are things i enjoyed using that i may not necessarily have needed!


i know there are different schools of thought on how much assistance to provide your baby for sleep (i mean there are lots of schools of thought for everything baby related but this is a big one) i’m all for getting all the sleep you can, however you can. we are big on full darkness, loud white noise, and were very into the motion of the snoo (with the first baby who was also into it). here are some bedtime essentials i like!

also, a quick word on swaddles! for the snoo, we used the swaddles it comes with — but if you’re using a regular bassinet, you’ll want to swaddle your baby to sleep and i find traditional cloth swaddles to be very tricky! gid is great at it, but i am not, so i included some zipper swaddles that are much easier to use.

and yet! i still included regular swaddle blankets as well, if you’re into tradish you could obviously use them as swaddles, but when you have a baby you discover that you basically need to have soft cloth things around at all times for various things — covering baby from the sun or while feeding, using as a makeshift soft place for them to lay/roll around, covering the diaper changing pad, you just end up wanting to have some soft (and bonus if they’re pretty) fabrics around, trust me!

a personal fave

SNOO smart sleeper

so, this wasn’t an essential with izzy, but i had to include it because it was so much so for arlo! he loved it and slept amazingly in it until 6mo.

izzy however never wanted the motion and i think she felt less comfortable being swaddled because once we moved her to her crib at 4m she immediately slept way better.

since every baby is different, i still recommend it but i’m glad i didn’t have to buy it again! i also really like the app and being able to track their sleep. i wrote a review of it here.


MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

a very cute alternative to the snoo. and it’s so so much cheaper.


bedside sleeper

doesn’t have motion, but i love that its on wheels. that’s also great if you have a night nurse.


Iora Bedside Bassinet

this one has five heights so that you can adjust it to be next to your bed!


babyletto x gathre capsule bassinet

such a stunning bassinet

comfy cubs

zipper swaddles

if you’re not good at swaddling (i am not) zipper swaddles are the way to go! so much easier.

nested bean

weighted swaddle

my niece uses this and sleeps way better since trying it. you can also take off the mesh later so they can wear longterm with their arms out.


swaddle blanket

mushie makes such soft and pretty swaddle blankets! and their prices are amazing.


swaddle blanket

same product, but this pattern was one of my favorites with izzy and too cute to exclude!


linen quilt

obsessed with this quilt. i like to have a nice baby blanket for the bottom of our stroller so that i don’t have to remember to pack one every time.


quilted baby blanket

i love lewis patterns, their baby blankets and all their bedding too. this blanket is the perfect thickness without being too heavy.


Rest Sound Machine

i love the hatch because i can control both kids devices from my phone. it has a program you can set so that it automatically turns on for their naps and makes things much easier.


Rest+ Sound Machine

the newer (and more expensive version) of the hatch has all the same features but also allows you to move it around with a chargeable base.

solly baby

coastal sleeper

izzy lived in solly sleepers, we loved that they were two pieces, we just felt it was easier for late night diaper changes!

cloud island

sleep and play pack

a very inexpensive alternative, i liked these a lot too! super soft and a bunch of cute colors.

west elm

leo convertible crib

i love the shape of this crib! and you can convert it to a toddler bed when they get bigger.


crib mattress

this is the mattress we got for izzy and it’s great. i love that it’s double sided so she now sleeps on the plushier side!

newton baby

crib mattress

another alternative that’s breathable, nontoxic, double sided and less money!


crib sheet

i love the softness and price of the mushie crib sheets. super cute patterns too.

solly baby

crib sheet

their crib sheets are sooo soft! like, dreamy soft. and lots of cute patterns.

activities + toys

lots of fun cute things to keep your babies busy and even more importantly, be able to have your hands free to yourself for a moment. even if it’s just to hold your coffee for a minute.

we didn’t purchase a lot for izzy because we had so many left over toys and books from arlo days, but what’s weird is that they are obsessed with the same specific books! so i had to include them in case your baby loves them too.

a personal fave

lalo play gym

izzy loved this and used it for a long time. the toys that come with are super cute, and i added a few extras too. i love that lalo designs double use out of everything, you can turn it into a tent when they get bigger!

skip hop

play gym

a very cute alternative with a lot of cute toys/accessories


play gym

and a way cheaper alternative that is so cute and i love that it doubles as as a lounger

frankie lane

linen gingham play mat

when they’re super little, you find yourself needing so many soft mats to roll around on!

snuggle me

infant lounger

another case of one baby loving, one hating. arlo never used this, but izzy slept in it a ton! sometimes more so than the bassinet in the early days.

skip hop

activity center

they won’t need this for a few months, but it was a must for us to have free hands. both babies loved to hang out in it. and izzy still walked early so i don’t think it stunted her in any way.


wooden push walker

they won’t need this for a bit either, but it makes for a great gift! my stepmom got izzys and she has been using it for months! still does even though she walks.

a personal fave

babybjörn bouncer

i couldn’t have survived without this! i had no idea with arlo and ordered it only days before he arrived, but to be able to put them down somewhere and have your hands free is crucial!


baby bouncer

much less expensive and very pretty! i love the wood base.


toy bar

not essential and very $, but the toys for the babybjorn are very cute and izzy loved them.


cassia swing

we didn’t use a swing with izzy, but i tried like a dozen with arlo out of desperation lol. some babies love them!



and a less expensive swing option that still looks very nice.


teething toy

this is really helpful because baby can wrap their hand around it and actually hold it!

itzy ritzy

bunny toy

the cutest little crinkly guy. izzy held hers a lot!

blabla kids

duck doll

we love blala dolls. they’re so special and i love the idea that izzys baby might own them someday.


octopus stuffie

also love jellycat stuffies! arlo has slept with his big octopus basically his whole life.

mon ami

crab stuffie

had to include this guy because crabs are big in our house and he’s just too cute.


custom chain stitched lovey

my kids never took to loveys, but some kids can’t live without so i had to include a few.


penguin wobbler toy

this got a surprising amount of play when izzy was super little.


play kits

toy boxes make an amazing gift and it’s really nice to have new age appropriate toys arrive for baby.


play boxes

i’ve tried both boxes and think they’re genuinely both great. i would say lalo is a bit more aesthetic.

a personal fave

hi! (animal sounds)

i don’t know what it is about this book, but both my babies were obsessed. i have been reading it for years haha. and one of izzy’s only words is “hi” so i’m going to take a wild guess this might be why!

Jared Chapman

fruits in suits

another favorite for both babies! they loved it! i don’t know why! honestly i think the story is pretty weak haha

Camilla Reid

peeakboo: love

izzy loves this book and all the others in the series so much. the sliders are very fun and still mostly baby proof.

Jon Klassen

i want my hat back

last time i’ll say this, but BOTH KIDS. obsessed. izzy laughs and growls at the climax, pure delight from this one and now it comes in a board book!

itzy ritzy

crinkly book

soft books are another good thing to have a few of, i loved these for stroller entertainment.

ps. i have tons more fun baby + kids books on my amazon storefront!

nursing + feeding

again, every baby is different! arlo did great with a bottle for a long time, izzy stopped taking one entirely after a nanny doing a trial day fed her 9oz straight and she projectile vomited all night lol. here are some essentials, and perhaps some not-exactly-essentials items i think were/or would be super helpful.

i also included a few formula feeding items that were specifically recommended by moms i know!

motif medical

electric breast pump

you can most likely get a breast pump for free from your insurance! this is the one i got.


hands-free breast pump

i always wanted a hands free pump but never got one. for the price, this one is supposed to be great. i haven’t heard solid things about the expensive ones.


trove manual breast pump

this is the thing i used the most to save breastmilk! especially in the early days with a lot of letdown, i always kept this on the other side and it’s a very effortless way to save milk.

a personal fave

silver nursing cups

these are going to be my #1 recommendation always. if you are nursing, i swear by these things. you won’t need any creams, any products, the silver in these do all the healing so quickly you’ll need and once your nipples toughen up you can stop using them. 

they’re weird to wear and look ridiculous, but they work. i brought them to the hospital with me and wore them from day 1, and never had bleeding / cracking / anything. i did have some pain when they weren’t on, so i’d just make sure to wear them as often as i could and soon i was able to stop. 

WORTH EVERY PENNY! (and pretty sure you gotta get the legit expensive silver ones for them to actually work)


breastmilk storage bags

i tried using silicone storage bags but i found them to be smelly, i love that these ones are temperature sensing!

simple wishes

pumping + nursing bra

when i came home with arlo i didn’t even realize you need a bra with your pump so you don’t have to use your hands lol. i liked this bra, it was comfortable and doubles as a nursing bra!


disposable nursing pads

again, i tried to be eco-conscious and i used the cloth nursing pads for a long time, but i would constantly leak through them and it was just such a pain. i never leaked through these!

a personal fave

my brest friend nursing pillow

i could not have lived without this with arlo, but i didn’t end up using with izzy! i think because she was so tiny, it felt like she didn’t balance well on it or something so i just used a regular pillow, but this pillow is amazing.

because of the clip it feels so sturdy on (i tried other nursing pillows and didn’t love), it even has a little pocket for your remote haha. breastfeeding was really challenging at first but this thing seriously helped.


bottle set

i loved these bottles, they’re flexible silicone and mimic a boob. they’re similar to comotomo but i personally found them less leaky.


sterilizer bag

you can boil water to sterilize bottles and pump parts but i found a bag made it much more doable with the first baby.

Tommee Tippee

Easiwarm Bottle Warmer

this is a luxury item you may not need since you can obviously go lofi — but it will also save you so much time and that seems worth the $20!

oxo tot

Formula Dispenser

this allows you to pre-portion 3 servings of formula that you can keep in your diaper bag. you can portion out the formula and then keep have the water already in the bottle and mix on the go.

Humble Bebe

burp cloths

these are actually cloth diapers, but i loved them as burp cloths! they’re super thick and absorbent and can be used as dish towels later! lol.


burp cloths

if you want something a little thinner, i love these muslin ones too. lots of nice colorways to choose from too!


tripp trapp high chair

my nephew uses this and it’s really nice that it grows with them for so long, and fits under the table nicely without stubbing any toes.


adjustable high chair

this was the high chair i used with arlo, it’s in our backyard now but it has served us really well for the price! sturdy, the tray comes off pretty easily, and no splayed legs either.

oxo tot

Nest Booster Seat

if you have a smaller space or want something you’ll use for a long time, this booster is great. you can just stick it on a dining chair and they can use for years.


weighted silicone bowl

i loved the modern shape of this set and that they’re weighted so baby can’t pick them up super easily.


weighted silicone plate

i have the plates as well, and they’re my fave. i love that they look like real dinnerware too!


silicone spoon set

these spoons are great, pretty, super inexpensive, dishwasher safe and i like how bendy they are.


silicone cup set

we love these sippy cups, the handles make it easy for izzy to hold and they’re dishwasher safe.


silicone bib set

these bibs are nice and thin, so they fold up small enough that we can throw in the diaper bag.

our place

Splendor Blender

instead of a baby food cooker, i thought a blender would be a better purchase since you can use it longterm. not a thing you need but can be useful if you want to make baby food. very easy size for puréeing baby foods!


baby food storage set

i got some baby food jars from a neighbor and wasn’t expecting to use them as often as i did. it was nice to be able to save small portions of whatever food she was eating and differentiate from our food.


ARC Drying Rack

a cute modern dish rack for bottles. we used this one and it was a way nicer design than the grass ones you’re used to!

forlife market

Bamboo drying rack

another alternative, i love a simple wood dish rack and this one is nice and small!


bottle brush set

also really like this brush set, it has every brush you need for baby things.


bottle brush

but if you’re more of a minimalist, a bottle brush is really all you need.


Dishwasher Basket

the nice part about a dishwasher basket is keeping all the baby stuff together, you can even use as they grow for their dishware so it doesn’t get lost.


fyi, the hospital will give you diapers (and even more if you ask for more!) so i don’t think it’s crucial to stock up on a lot of newborn sized. it just depends on your baby, because izzy wore NB size for a long time and arlo wore NB for about a week haha.

one thing i learned as a second time mom, arlo had blowouts constantly and i didn’t experiment a lot with trying different diapers, i just chalked it up to him being a blowouty baby lol — but i think it’s worth trying a few types to see what you like! we tried two or three other kinds prior to millie moon but are now super loyal to millie moon.

millie moon


we’ve been using these for most of izzy’s life and love them. zero blowouts, super soft and feel a lot like the expensive diapers!

millie moon

sensitive wipes

i love their wipes too, so i had to include! i’m just a millie moon stan now.



coterie quality is incredible, and they have a subscription which is super convenient.


Peanut Wipeable Changing Pad

i had this pad with arlo and it was really nice. i loved that it was very easy to clean because that baby had a lot of blowouts. fyi over a few years, it did get pretty stained.


Changing Mat

another alternative, i’ve heard that this pad is amazing and i prefer the shape of it. i’ve read its got a less slippery bottom too and is a little roomier for wiggly babies.


wipes dispenser

this has served us well through both babies, no complaints!

a personal fave

ubbi diaper pail

we used a different pail (munchkin) with arlo and it smelled SOOOO BAD at all times. this one has been great. the smell stays completely contained (as long as its shut). i also find the bag mechanism to be less annoying than the old one. overall, i just highly recommend this over the alternatives.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Diaper Rash Cream

this is the good stuff. you’ll need a big ol’ tub of it because it works wonders on red butts.


silicone diaper cream applicator

we don’t have one of these but sometimes i wish we did lol. if you’re not into rubbing paste all over your babies buttholes, you don’t have to anymore!


diaper rash spray

this spray doesn’t have as much zinc as the strong ones, but having a spray is so nice so you don’t have to get your finger up in there every time!

west elm

diaper caddy

this caddy holds a good amount of diapers and i like that it has handles for moving around if you need to!

blissful diary

diaper caddy

another good alternative for a lot less $!


Hanging Storage Basket

i also have a basket like this hanging off a diaper changing table and it’s super convenient for storing stuff out of reach for izzy and in reach for us mid diaper change.

transportation + travel

this is one of the most frustrating parts of baby shopping. we are told we need these behemoth strollers because they are compatible with the car seat and and then they can grow with them and all of this and that, but at the end of the day — i’ve spent too much money on strollers. i will say it is very convenient to have everything be compatible, but i think i nearly spent $1000 on a stroller system with arlo that i ended up finding too bulky and in the end i really just preferred a smaller travel stroller.

so i picked out a few things that i hope would be really good purchases for new parents!

a personal fave

2-in-1 convertible stroller

i debated getting this stroller and i kind of wish i did! it’s super well reviewed and you can use it in four different stages: with a car seat (if you have an additional adapter), bassinet, parent and world facing. plus the price is amazing and i love the design. i asked a mom out in the world with it once if she liked it and she said she loves it so much.


AER+ lightweight stroller

this isn’t cheap, but it’s served us really well. it’s the same price as the babyzen but i like it way more. it reclines so they can nap and it folds so much better!


Aer+ bassinet cot

if you wanted to go straight to the lightweight stroller, you could get this bassinet for the first few months. i don’t think a bassinet is an essential but if you walk a lot or live in a city, it would be!


Zelia 2 Luxe 5-in-1 Modular Travel System

i really like maxi-cosi (we use this one for izzy now) and i love that this is a beautiful travel system that isn’t $1000.


Pria Max Convertible Car Seat

we changed izzy over to this when she got a bit bigger, but it can be used from birth so i wanted to include it. i’m really happy with it!

lusso gear

backseat car mirror

you will want a mirror so you can see your baby! and this one is beigeeeee 🙂


muslin car seat cover

perhaps not essential, but we loved having this on izzys car seat if she fell asleep. might be more of an essential when you have an older very loud sibling.


stroller organizer

a stroller organizer seems like it won’t matter much but it will! it’s super helpful! i love that this has a wipes dispenser!


stroller organizer

and this one has a nice zipper pouch and room for your phone.


stroller cup + phone holder

i’ve used this on our big stroller for years, super convenient for a coffee and an iphone!

a personal fave

dagne dover diaper backpack

it’s expensive, but it’s incredibly well designed! i love the lanyards that you can latch onto essentials, it comes with a wet bag and changing pad, hidden zipper storage, stroller clips, insulated bottle holder… basically it’s the rolls royce of diaper bags.

red rovr

diaper bag

my SIL got this bag and it’s so beautiful and so much less expensive than the DD! 11 pockets, magnetic closures, comes with a changing pad and a really nice simple design that neither parent would mind wearing!


zip-top canvas tote bag

i also really like a tote for our diaper bag, sometimes i find it more comfy to wear than a backpack and easier to rummage through. this one is super structured and has the option for long straps. you can also get a divider to make it more organized inside

itzy ritzy

car seat + stroller toy

a very cute little toy to keep them entertained on car rides or stroller walks.

phoebus baby

vegan leather changing mat

i love this little changing pad, it’s very pretty and folds up small.


travel wipes dispenser

i find travel wipe dispensers can feel a little bulky but this one is nice because you can clip it on the outside of your bag or to your stroller too.

the honest company

baby wipes pack

i don’t know why more wipe companies don’t make travel size packs. if you don’t want to deal with moving into a wipes dispenser, this size is so convenient.

tiny twinkle

wet bags

you can never have too many wet bags, i like to keep one packed in our bag with spare clothes.


go pouch set

and zipper pouches in general. they are just so useful when you are hauling around a bunch of baby stuff. i love the baggu ones because of the wide bottoms so they can stand up.

almost makes perfect

baby on board car magnet

i just personally think you can’t live without this car magnet but what do i know?

a personal fave

ergobaby aerloom baby carrier

so easy to use (on my own) and so pretty! i get compliments on this every time i have it on.

it also stays cool and i’ve worn izzy A LOT and it’s never hurt my back too bad. i have had a hard time with some carriers but this one is just so simple to put on. i truly love it!



also loved this one, it’s soft like a wrap but structured if you’re not good at the wraps (like meee).

solly baby

stripe wrap

but if you are into wraps, there is nothing cozier than a little snuggly newborn inside a solly!


travel crib

i actually don’t have this travel crib but i love it because: i like when they’re elevated off the ground, i find arlo slept better, and i love that it has the bassinet section for smaller babies.


portable white noise machine

we love this thing, it has a really soothing brown noise and can be strapped onto a stroller or car seat. we have used it 10000 times while traveling.


portable high chair

i love the ease and the design of this portable high chair, super easy to snap right onto the table at restaurants.


blackout sleep tent

they may not need this for a little while, but it’s a really good gift that you can use for years. perfect for trips when they won’t be in their own room.


i wouldn’t stock up too much on things like sponges, creams and shampoos, toys — you’ll end up acquiring all that stuff over time! but here are some things i recommend that we’ve used for a long time!


bath support

another item we used for both babies to bathe them in both the sink and the tub, super comfortable and just zero complaints!


bathtime essentials

i love this little bath set — a cute rinse cup, faucet cover and knee saver pads!


knee + elbow saver

when arlo was a baby they didn’t have pretty knee savers! love these for protecting my knees from the tile floor during bath time.

a personal fave

lalo washcloth set

we tried a lot of washcloths because of izzy’s sensitive skin and i love these ones so much. they’re so thick and so soft and totally worth it.


rinse cup

and another beautiful rinse cup, i used the pink hospital one forever and this is such an upgrade.

tubby todd

hair + body wash

i really loved using this on newborn izzy because it was unscented and her skin is so sensitive.

tubby todd

all over ointment

and i love that this stuff is gentle, unscented and works really well on sensitive skin and eczema.

wiley body

bath-time duo

the best grapefruit scent and the prettiest bottles! use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 15% off


hooded towel

i got a few cutesie muslin towels for the babies but honestly, terrycloth is the way to go. so much more warm and drying.


Brush + Comb Set

you don’t need to spend a lot but i love little wooden hairbrushes for baby.


bath mitts

instead of a sponge, i love using washcloth mitts. lots of pretty colors and you can go really gently on newborns.


cradle cap brushes

i really liked using something like this for hair washing.


Bath Organizer

you somehow end up acquiring a lot of bath toys and i love that this organizer is nice and open.

health + safety

you can also spend a looootta dough on fancy baby monitors, even ones that you can put on your babys foot so you can panic all night when it malfunctions and wakes you up. but you can also totally not and survive just fine! honestly the bells and whistles would probably just give me anxiety during those early days but to each their own.

a personal fave

leapfrog baby monitor

i searched a LONG time for this– i wanted a monitor that has a screen but ALSO has an app, not sure why that isn’t a more popular request! bonus points for the screen being massive and pretty decent video quality! i’m really happy with this one.


Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount

have heard amazing things about this one though if you do want the extra security. it provides so much info!


nasal aspirator

snot sucking is super gross but sadly, so is a lot of parenthood. this thing works well!

dr. noze best

Electric Nasal Aspirator

we got this one as well the second time and it’s been nice and strong, we use it on our 6yo too lol.


no-touch thermometer

well reviewed and as reliable as digital thermometers can be!


nose cleaning tweezer

these are amazing. they come with a little light and make picking so much easier.


baby nail clippers

i used an electric file with arlo but they just do nothing. i know it’s scary, but i think clipping is the only way to go. these help!


nursery humidifier

you will need a humidifier for when they get sick, this one happens to be beautiful!


3-in-1 Humidifier

this is the one we have — it works fine. we aren’t sure why you can use it as a nightlight but ok.


Retractable mesh Baby Gate

a very simple, and even sort of chic baby gate!


wooden baby gate

nice and modern!

Mommy’s Helper

self closing outlet covers

these are great if you have the time and energy but if not…


outlet covers

you can quickly cover all your plugs with these!

clothes + accessories

again, i wouldn’t invest in a lot of NB sized clothes, we barely even dressed our newborn babies because they’re constantly pooping, but a few soft cozy outfits will be nice to have. i never wanted to spend a lot on tiny baby clothes so i picked out mostly inexpensive! they grow so fast! i loved little zippered footies most.

izzy was also on the very small side so i only got her a few outfits that she wore a ton. you really don’t need much! wait till they’re bigger to get them the fun stuff.


zipper footie

loved this brand — cute colors and good prices/quality! honestly if you just have a few of these you’re set for clothes!


kimono bodysuit

the kimono style is great for newborns because of their belly buttons.


short-sleeved kimono bodysuit

for summer babies, get some short sleeves too! i know some people like to keep their newborns super warm but i’m cool with some sleeveless.

colored organics

footed onesie

i loved color organics patterns, i had a few of their pieces that izzy wore a ton.

colored organics

cotton leggings

a onesie and a pair of leggings is the perfect cozy outfit!

colored organics

pointelle kimono set

use code ALMOSTMAKES15

a personal fave

kimono wrap top + pant set

this would be such a cute coming home outfit (similar to one i had for izzy that was my fave baby outfit of hers!) cute color options too.
use code ALMOSTMAKES15

little me

20 pack of socks

if you think you lose a lot of your socks now, you will be shocked how many baby socks you’ll buy and never see again.


pacifier set

i didn’t have a binky baby but we did have a few just in case they wanted one! (neither ever did!)


pacifier clips

and a clip for them just in case.


this section is obviously more of just the fun stuff to decorate your nursery with — but i wanted to include it because i obviously love the fun stuff! some helpful baskets, shelves and cute wall art i think i would look good in any nursery!

pb kids

paxton glider and a half

after getting a standard rocker with arlo and moving all over the room, i decided a glider was way better. but now i’m all about a wider chair – i love that this can fit two kids!


maxton swivel armchair

but if you want to invest in a chair that you’ll keep forever, a swivel chair does the same job and will work in your living room afterwards!


Cali Pillowback Swivel Glider

another really beautiful swivel glider!


storage baskets

baskets are my #1 for keeping all baby stuff corralled — i stuff them with toys, stuffies, literally everything. i love these nesting ones.


floor baskets

these are the kind we have been using for years, i love that they have the big wide bottom so you can get to everything easily.

3 sprouts

velvet hangers

cute teeny baby hangers! i love the beige velvet.

oxo tot

drawer dividers

drawer dividers make it way easier to keep all their tiny clothes in their own sections.


bamboo drawer dividers

if the drawers are wood, these bamboo ones are same price!


Wood and Canvas Sling Bookshelf

we have and love this bookshelf. i like that they can pick out their own books!

fun memories

set of 2 floating shelves

but if you don’t have the floor space, i like these shelves because i found the open ones to be dangerous with a little baby!


swallow mobile

have always loved the design of this mobile! so striking.


cherry birds mobile

you can use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for $10 off


felt goose mobile

so fun and playful! and also very gender neutral.

a personal fave

personalized duckling plush rocker

the cutest rocker!!! i love that it’s soft and that you can add babys name. what a perfect shower gift.


i admit i fully filled out arlos baby book by his 1st birthday, and izzys is… definitely not finished yet, but i think it’s really special to collect these memories because trust me, you will not remember most of it! even if you don’t write a lot (i certainly didn’t have the bandwidth postpartum to write much beyond blurbs, but i’m glad i did!)

artifact uprising

baby book

we love this baby book and that it’s photo heavy versus writing heavy. it is expensive though!


baby milestone book

i love the simple design of this one and the price!

duncan & stone

baby’s first year book

and another option that looks beautiful enough to keep on your coffee table.

postpartum care

i’m one of the moms that is lucky enough to know how recovery is from both a c-section and a vaginal! so i’m sort of an expert on what you need. sort of!

i will say, postpartum is hard. you’re already insanely emotional, exhausted, and feeling physically bad, so if there are any little things you can do for yourself to make yourself a little more comfortable, do them! whether that’s some cozy loungewear you’re excited to wear or just ordering all the sushi, treat yourself a little because THIS PART IS SO HARD.


peri bottle

i used a peri bottle for probably 7 weeks?! i highly suggest getting one! these work so much better than the hospital squirt bottles.


C-Section Recovery Kit

i did a scheduled C with arlo and i wish i’d prepared a little better with a kit like this!


Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

when i did my vbac, my SIL came to my house and left this kit for me and it was a life saver.


all-in postpartum underwear

you bleed, and for a long time no matter how you give birth, nice highwaisted PP underwear that feels good on seems great.


disposable underwear

if you want to do disposable instead, these are organic and unscented. the scent of most of the other options repels me!


Non-Wire Bra

i used this as a nursing bra. it’s so so soft! i’m not into the little clips on nursing bras, i’d rather just whip the boob out.


3-piece lounge set

a perfect cozy set to make you feel good at the hospital or at home. and you can wear it for visitors and feel chic!


mama water bottle

if you’re breastfeeding you will be soooo thirsty. i love this giant bottle because i love a straw.


lounge straw + cap

use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 15% off

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  1. claire le says:

    i love that this included some “down the road” items! i really wish i had included more of those in my registry.