cool girl diaper bags

i have had this post drafted for so many months now — and i finally decided to finish it! when i was initially looking for a diaper bag, i mostly looked at actual diaper bags, which i quickly realized may have had a couple more pockets but weren’t right for me. 

we started off with a fawn design diaper bag which are so pretty, but the leather made it too heavy for me once it was actually full of everything we needed. so we switched to a simple baggu canvas bag and i was much happier with it. it made me realize that any bag can be a diaper bag as long as you organize the way you need. we use mesh pouches for everything, so we have a pouch for diapers/wipes, one for clothes, one for feeding, one for toys, etc. it really helps for me because i know what’s in what and i can quickly grab.

everyone is different and i would still love to be more minimal with what i carry everyday, but i rounded up my favorite large tote bags and backpacks that would make super cute diaper bags.

row one : storq, baggu, herschel
row two : baggu, state, baggu
row three : fjallraven, ban.do, baggu
row four : everlane, madewell, abaca
row five : asos, calpak, old navy

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  1. Love this post! Would any of these work well as a laptop bag?

  2. what kind of mesh pouches do you use inside? Have been looking for some!

    1. I was wondering this as well! 🙂

      1. Wanting to know this too!

  3. Love my Kanken so much. But all of these are so gorgeous!

  4. I’m really hoping you’re going to do a father’s day gift guide…I am coming up completely empty….

  5. I LOVE the $32 Baggu bag. It’s my life saver!