arlo : 12 months

i can’t believe he is a year old!! i am sooo emotional about it. it’s so weird how basically overnight you notice they’re so different than they once were. he has grown up so much that i kind of don’t even recognize him sometimes.

he hasn’t started walking yet, but he loves crawling and exploring everything. he says mama and dada (and baba). he eats basically anything. he loves to give hugs. he finally claps (and even knows to clap with just the prompt of “if you’re happy and you know it…”). he dances and has favorite songs and favorite books and comes up with games and includes me in them and when he hears the word chicken he lights up. he’s affectionate and he loves to share and he is so inherently kind.

it hasn’t always been easy being a work at home mom, and there are times when the days have really dragged on and i’ve felt like i’ve accomplished very little and the house is a disaster — but when i look at him lately, i just can’t help but feel so happy he’s ours. like how did we even get so lucky?! i know we’re all biased as mothers, but my baby is the best baby, true story. i honestly never knew a baby could be so funny, so sweet and so charming.

i am pretty sad to finish up his baby book, and to stop doing these monthly updates — but i’m looking forward to everything to come and finally seeing what he looks like when he gets hair. i just wish time would slow down a little. i didn’t even bother trying to get him to take his final photo. but i did put together all of the previous ones!

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  1. Molly. You are an amazing mom. The reason Arlo is so happy and smiley is because of his dad and mama. A child reflects his parents and all the qualities you both adore in him is because of the love you give him everyday. You have been a creative mom too. All those awesome games and toys you make for him. Enjoy this precious time. So lucky you are a working mom from home.

  2. claire james says:

    I’M SO FREAKING EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW. happy birthday, lil arlo!!!! it’s been so fun watching you grow up! and molly, you and gid have done an amazing job as parents. i know as an outsider, i only see the highlight reel, but i can see how much love you and gid have for arlo. he’s lucky to have such cool folks 🙂 mazel tov!

  3. Happy Birthday, Arlo! Thank you for sharing these monthly updates of your sweet baby boy’s first year! It’s been so fun seeing him grow up so fast!

  4. Susan Lundin says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Arlo?
    You’ve been blessed with the most wonderful, fun, and loving Mama and Dada?? Thank You, Mama, for sharing your reality along with your magnificent photos of the beautiful world you’ve created around your family, your friends, and clients. I’m in awe of You?

  5. Oh My God he is so beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful picture. Denise

  6. Mindy robinson says:

    Sooo precious. Thanks for sharing him with us! Always look forward to your updates as my babe is a few months younger than Arlo 🙂