cute ideas for 1st birthday party themes

there’s something very challenging about choosing a theme for a baby when they’re just a baby and don’t really express much that they actually like!

this is really one of the only birthdays where it’s just for the parents, so you could pretty much just choose a theme for yourself that you like, but i really am passionate about every party theme representing who my kids are, so i’m overthinking it of course!

arlo’s first birthday was very easy to decide on– he weirdly loved all toys cloud/sky related so it was a very easy choice to do a sky theme. but… izzy is the second kid so i guess i pay less attention to what she likes hahah.

here are lots of cute (+ aesthetic) ideas, with visual inspo!

1st trip around the sun (sunshine theme)

so easy and cute!

left party unknown / sunshine plates / right party unknown

1st trip around the sun (space theme)

similar idea but space-inspired, this would be so fun

left party by Sydney Aylesworth / right party unknown

the big one (surf theme)

you could also easily make surfboards out of cardboard like we did for arlos jaws party!

surf cookies by boro simply sweet
image 1 unknown / middle image from get inflated / right image casavierra

farmer’s market (food theme)

this idea is actually growing on me — i love the idea of doing izzy’s farmer market with all her favorite foods, with branding on everything!

left party by courtney m browning / right party by blush & bloom

very hungry caterpillar (food theme)

so cute for a very hungry baby like ours!!! you could have a lot of fun with this theme.

party by the blondielocks

milk theme

this is what we were leaning towards most, it could be so cute and WHITE! i’m picturing retro milk cartons and bottles and a creamy white cake!

left party from 100 layer cake / milk party supplies

winter ONEderland (winter theme)

for babies born in the winter, this party is sooo cute and has lots of easy ideas to copy.

party by Karas party ideas

baby in ONEderland (whatever their name is!)

if i had any emotional attachment to alice in wonderland, i’d go with this theme! it’s so cute and there is so much you can do with it. obsessed with the details of this party above!

party by the boho diaries

wild one (jungle theme)

there’s lots of cute animal-themed partyware out there so i think this one could be pretty easy!

left party by beijois events / right party by blush + bloom

fruit themes (berry first birthday/one in a melon)

fruit themes are super popular and super cute — the only thing is for us, we don’t really give izzy fruit haha, we didn’t want to give her sweet stuff so she wouldn’t prefer it so she’s only tried fruit once or twice lol. poor izzy!

left party by ashley brooke nicholas / right unknown

music theme

so cute and so many fun things you could make yourself.

sources unknown

floral theme/daisies

the cutest theme — and peeeerfect for when they don’t have an opinion and you can just focus on making it pretty!

left party by kelli murray / right party by @peaceofusx + poppy and posh

whimsical garden party

the cutest party by emily francis wheaton

whimsical fairy party

i guess this is basically the same as garden, but with fairies?! lol.

sources unknown

their first rodeo

when i hear rodeo, i kind of assume you can’t make it cute, but this party proves me wrong.

party by paperlattes

circus theme

i love the imagery of circus and there is so much you can do with it!

left image from bonjour fete / right image madison magill

little cutie (citrus theme)

so cute and i bet the party would smell delish.

left party by lily & val / right unknown

halloween theme (perfect for october birthdays)

you could go very cute-sy with a spooky theme — izzy’s birthday is in october, but because it’s at the beginning of the month, i’m leaning towards not doing a halloween theme until she wants one.

left party by Riner & Company / right party by emelbe design

**pinterest has made it reeaaaally challenging to find original sources of photos, so please let me know if you see one mistakenly sourced

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  1. Great choices for first bday. Which are you thinking for Izzy boo.

  2. Farmers Market is so cute! It’s aSoo very fall-esque so would be great for early October!