printable advent calendar activity cards

i made some new advent printables to fill your pockets! there are 24 altogether. a new design that feels fresh to me!

a few years ago i designed some cards for our advent calendar because i didn’t want to fill every pocket with gifts or treats — well the older arlo gets the less he’s interested in doing cute bonding activities with me, so i added in some kindness ones to really rub it in this year.

when i’m filling the advent, i usually go through a calendar and add the more involved activities to the weekend dates (i still always check in the morning before he pulls them to see what it is and if i messed up lol)

i’ll still add in a few little treats and a couple of ornaments here and there along with the activities, but i think this is a really nice way to establish sweet daily memories. i have an older post with some ideas here!

page one / page two

for the best results, download from your browser and print from your computer (versus from the browser window)

these printables are for personal use only

link for the advent calendar

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