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someone asked me to roundup some cute travel essentials and i was like SOME?1 HOW ABOUT I DO WAY TOO MANY?!?! i’ll add more if i come across them, but i think i found some really really cute and useful finds for any upcoming vacations you may be going on or just fantasizing about! enjoy.

01. love these toothbrush cases and they’re big enough to fit your toothpaste too ($15 for 2)
02. this is such a cute tech organizer pouch for all your cords and chargers ($38)
03. a neck pillow that is sooo much more chic than the ones we’re used to ($40)
04. these little travel cases are magnetic and can hold so many different things– you can also customize the colors and choose labels for each one ($84 for 6)
05. i love this dopp kit, it opens up wide like a doctors bag and looks great ($48)
06. i have this makeup pouch and i love it since you can see everything inside ($20)
07. i’ve never seen a wipe pouch like this but it seems perfect! ($25)
08. i looove this weekender bag, also makes a great big carryon ($150)
09. an ipad/laptop case organizer that’s really pretty and great for travel ($37)
10. very pretty travel bottle set ($18)
11. i love these puffy laptop sleeves– and i’m all about smiley faces ($28)
12. very cute and inexpensive little travel jewelry case ($12)
13. i have this travel steamer and it’s not super tiny or lightweight but it’s really nice ($99)
14. i’m a broken record with this thing but i really like it! it’s a lightweight charger that you can plug into the wall and then charge straight from the power bank with the built in cords– it also charges my phone so quickly! ($40)

15. we got these portable electric toothbrushes for travel and i love the look and size ($40)
16. this collapsible cup works for cold and hot and is dishwasher and microwave safe ($20)
17. pretty white packing cubes, all the packing cubes for me! ($16)
18. i like the look of these travel bottles and you can label which is which easily ($20)
19. i can never have too many zipper pouches, they’re always useful ($38)
20. i love these custom acrylic luggage tags, would make such a good gift too ($14)
21. this makeup kit is perfect for travel! a 4-in-1 brush and multi use face compact ($85)
22. a nice simple RFID blocking travel wallet for passport/tickets etc ($14)
23. my 7-day pillbox looks nice and has lots of space for pills ($20) 
24. a really handsome luggage spinner set that’s so inexpensive and easy to spot! ($162)
25. love the camel tone of this cashmere eye mask ($40)
26. such a pretty monogrammed passport case ($39)

and even more…

very inexpensive luggage set that’s very easy to spot ($210)

very cute personalized air pod case $26

more nice packing cubes, i like having two big ones for clothes even though i actually need like 5 of them so i can pack every article of clothing i own for any trip i take lol $17

i really like these cute sage green luggage tags and they’d make your suitcase more noticeable on the carousel $11

this is the luggage set we have and i love it– super easy to spot in the airport and pretty too ($189)

in case the other toothbrush holders were too large for you, these are also cute and come in a 6 pack for $14

i was gifted a travel blanket and i use it all the time now, it’s so cozy for me and arlo to snuggle with on the plane, this set is a blanket and eye mask and its UGG so you know its cozy $98

cute cosmetic case that has tons of compartments and everything is super visible ! $30

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  1. Whoa, that’s a really pretty and practical list you’ve prepared. I also believe some of the products can be used not only during traveling but at home. This cosmetic case is too cute 🙂