pretty everything : modern mezuzahs

i know i don’t have a ton of jewish readers, but for the dozen of us– i wanted to round up some beautiful mezuzahs.

judaica standard time just released the ones above and they are so cool, they made me realize i totally totally need a mezuzah!! so i rounded up a ton for us.

looooove the wavy shape of this judaica standard time one— $95

and i love this illustrated one, it feels so special– $40

this one by via marais is so modern and unique– $75

this stone and oak one is minimal and beautiful– $65

another very cool minimal one— $53

definitely one of the most chic mezuzahs i’ve ever seen– $75

i love this etsy shop because you can choose the wood type and the shape– $30

this ceramic one is so simple and beautiful (but pricey!) — $115

love the shape of this one and it comes in lots of pretty colors– $42

another very cool illustrated one from the same shop– $40

and another one!!! so cool and unique– $40

and another shop that sells lots of wood options — $29

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  1. MOLLY THESE ARE SO GOOD! Keep up the Jewish stuff and also maybe start a store of minimalist modern Judaica? Our decor is never fun and I am resentful about it.

  2. Yeah Jewish fan here! Modern Hannukah decor especially is so hard and rare. Keep it up thanks!

  3. Just another note of appreciation! There is so much beautiful Judaica out there, but it can be difficult to sift from the chaff. Thanks for the round-up!

  4. Love this so much!!!

  5. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I echo the earlier comments, more please!

  6. Wow! Really beautiful!
    Totally second the modern judaica!

  7. Also 100% here for beautiful minimalist Judaica! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yes!
    Love the Jewish content. ??‍♀️

  9. Eryn Rasher says:

    These are gorgeous! Fellow jew over here! I third the modern judaica store!!!

  10. Love the illustrated ones! So cool! We have a nice copper one that my MIL tracked down that is quite modern looking ??

  11. I’m here for judaica!! Not enough representation and I appreciate your post! These are so much cooler than what I have! Thank you!

  12. I love these! If I didn’t already have a vintage, brass, brutalist one I would totally get one of these. It’s so hard to find the nice Judaica.

  13. Here to echo all the praise and requests for Judaica! 100000% here for it!

  14. Yes yes yes! Thank you for these! I was just on the hunt for one for our baby’s nursery. I’m with the other commenters- more Judaica, please!

  15. I’m Christian but still here for the Judaica! My only request is that maybe you could add a short explanation about how these items are used for those who aren’t familiar. Thanks!