making this: a sweet little gold dipped jar


Our windowsill next in the kitchen was feeling a little lonely. So I grabbed some chattering teeth (why not) and an old jar and filled it with some weird fake foliage stuff I had laying around. Um, that needed a gold accent stat.

I don’t really have any process shots because the process was taping it and painted it… a million times. The paint needed something to stick to so I used a couple coats of matte medium, but it just was a matter of getting the paint thick enough to not show through when it was sitting in front of the light. I would say this was about 6 coats or so.

Easy (a tad time consuming) little fix. And now something pretty to look at when washing dishes.

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  1. I love love love your blog. I’m fighting to get my old house up to snuff, but I saw this and I wanted to mention that I did the “dipped-glass” thing for my wedding using wine bottles. I basically got a thick dowel rod, stuck it into the ground outside away from anything important…then taped off bottles like you did (+ plastic bags), stuck them upside down on the rod. Then spray painted them. I did 1 coat of frosted glass spray paint to help the other coats stick, and then a few coats of the Rustoleum gold paint. If you want to see a photo of them, I can dig through my wedding photos!

    I tried the brush painting and wanted to tear my hair out. I have pinned about 80 things from your blog in the last hour though, I love it!

    1. Hi Stephanie:

      If you have some shots of your “Dipped-Glass”, I would love to see them!!!!! I’ve gotten into crafting recently and started with jars and chalkboard-type paint! My email address is [email protected] and would really like to see what you did!

      Thank you,

      Kim Lange

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