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with my maternity leave underway and just doing less day to day in general till the babe arrives, i’ve been twiddling my thumbs a little looking for activities that don’t require a lot of energy. gid would be too jealous for me to binge watch a “good” show without him, so that’s kind of out as well. i’m totally one of those people who loves doing nothing, but gets very antsy doing nothing real fast — so i’ve been looking to do some creative things with my free time, and i discovered that skillshare is kind of perfect for that.

skillshare is an online learning community that has over 15,000 creative classes you can watch on their website, so many that you really couldn’t even run out. (and you can try it out for FREE for TWO MONTHS!) when i first was creating my wish list of the classes i wanted to watch, i was all stoked on taking calligraphy and styling classes — and while i’m still excited about taking those classes, i got waaaay excited when i saw there was a class to teach me how to make butter croissants!

croissants are for sure my favorite breakfast item in the whole universe, and i’ve always found the idea of making them fun, but daunting — so taking the class to slowly walk us through the whole step by step process seemed like the perfect way to try it out. while we wouldn’t be making these too frequently, spending a weekend making croissants together was a super fun date for us, and such a big feat too. we can now say we’ve made croissants from scratch, and is it just me or is that pretty cool?

how to make butter croissants is 37 minutes long and walked us through the whole process, first we made the dough and let that chill overnight. the next day we made the butter layer (did not realize how much butter goes into croissants… for how often i eat them). there is a lot of precision involved in making croissants, you literally use measuring tape to measure all the butter and dough out the whole time — it’s pretty crazy. you combine the dough and the butter layer, then you roll it further than you would ever think is possible and cut — and when you shape them you realize you’ve done that before with crescent rolls but this is way cooler than just buying crescent rolls. there is so much time of chilling and rising and chilling and rising that it ends up being a real thing, but i swear it was rewarding af.

when we finally got them in the oven i sat there watching through the glass like a little kid, and couldn’t believe we had made these! they rose and they looked pretty and they tasted even better. they were flaky and crispy and buttery and i ate 7.

the most important lesson we learned is that it takes a while. if you want to spend a weekend doing it, make the dough on friday, do most of the work on saturday, and then bake on sunday (which is kind of perfect because freshly baked croissants on a sunday morning couldn’t be more appealing right?!)

in the end i am soooo glad we did the class and i can check it off my bucket list and maybe even make them again someday when we really want to impress people.

some other fun classes i want to take : brush pen logo design, creating abstract patterns in illustrator,  food photography in restaurants and watercolor lettering.

if you wanna try it out and take some classes yourself, skillshare is normally $10/month for unlimited classes, but right now they’re offering 2 months for free for a premium account to my readers! would love to know which classes you’re gonna try.



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  1. omg! those croissants made my mouth water. with a kitchen that beautiful, it only makes sense that you should make the most delicious, buttery things. all of the buttery things. i’ve heard about skillshare, but only for technical courses; i had no idea they did cooking! it might be worth my while to try it out.. thanks for doing the partnership so we can get the promotion 🙂 wishing you well!

  2. Wow this seems like an epic undertaking! I love how intent Gid looks rolling that dough. My class wishlists are mostly food related too because I want to eat all. the. time.

  3. I love skillshare… i first discovered it in 2013/2014 and took Molly Jacques’ modern calligraphy class. Lots of fun for sure 🙂

  4. With you on not being allowed to watch good shows without my better half. Ha! And those look amazing.

  5. Just signed up, so excited to get involved and start learning things!

  6. Thank you for suggesting Skill Share! I signed up and can’t wait to try it out. I am always on the lookout for sites like this!