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i link you - 25

it’s been a loooong time since i’ve linked you. but it’s back. here are six DIY projects i would love to make. but most likely won’t.

01. beautiful watercolor tableware by fall for diy. but i’m pretty afraid of these porcelain paints claiming to be non-toxic, so i’d play it safe and use for catchalls
02. i’ve been wanting to make some gods eyes, and i love the handmade vibe of this one by elise vaughn for simply grove
03. dude. they made incense. apparently you can like make incense, by heidi’s bridge for poppytalk
04. i would probably put one of these scented satchets by house tweaking in every single room
05. most likely the prettiest jump rope of all time by turning it home
06. simple leather keychains by homey oh my that i want to make for every set of spares we have laying around

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  1. I’m honored you’d like to pretend-make my keychains. Who has time to make anything?
    Thanks for the link, Molly!