happy weekend

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happy friday! this week was a stressful one for me. my day job has gotten a little more intense as of late and i owe so much money to the IRS its like a joke. wouldn’t it be so fun to go live on an island all alone (if there was TV)? but i started taking a pottery class and i’m loving it — it feels so good to have a creative outlet that isn’t a blog. my dad is in town next week for his birthday, so we’re getting our guest room ready this weekend (feels like we’re always doing that) and i want to eat a burger. big plans.

this chick went to my college, same major, same ex-industry. so rad and i’m so jealous.
if you watch vanderpump rules…
and if you watched laguna beach… 
here’s why i love drinking wine
want this cute ass jumpsuit
what your egg choice says about you (but i like mine poached and sunny side up!!)
for all you passover celebrators
want a daniel wellington watch? use code ALMOSTMOLLY for 15% off until 5/15

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  1. I love that coatrack! Can I ask where it’s from? So simple.

  2. I love your blog! its such a greyt inspiration XD

  3. Any chance you’d share where you got your front door? I saw yours on Instagram and love it.