happy weekend

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we’re heading to utah today for a wedding weekend! i’ve never been, and sadly it’s looking like we won’t have much of a chance to explore whatsoever, so as much as i wish i could ask you guys for recommendations, i don’t think i’ll be needing them. but i’m excited! yet another week full of intense house hunting with no good news to share, but at least we’re starting to lower our expectations! enough complaining — hope you guys have a fun one.

⋅ pretty! and you can never have enough night lights
⋅ don’t be a perv. ok, be a perv
⋅ boys will just never get what it’s like to be a girl
⋅ GUH i wanna make one but i totally won’t
⋅ how insanely good does this look?!
⋅ want want want this so bad
⋅ this is really dumb, but yay we’re going to jamaica!
last chance to vote for meeeee! MUAH

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  1. have fun in utah! and i’m sure you’ll find a nice place soon. i just finally found an apartment that i’ve been looking for for months (it was really frustrating).

    great links! have a nice weekend <3

  2. Hahahah! That second link is just greatness. Trying to keep the laughter down in my cubicle.