i link you

i link you

urban outfitters is now selling this huge woven wall hanging. the perfect headboard for those cat owners that never ever want to sleep again. ugh cats.

love love this simple diy palm frond garland – totally the right vibe for the wedding. (via a fabulous fete)

we’ve determined i am very into copper right now (apparently i like trends). so goes without saying i’m a huge fan of this cute copper necklace. (via the crafted life)

i’ve been wanting to diy a little shelf for a while now – how easy and cute is this raw edge one?! (via always rooney)

smoky oyster chowder with bacon, rosemary and fennel. like get real. dream. (via food & wine)

the only room i would ever wallpaper would be the guest bathroom. and even then i think i’d get sick of it in like 4 months. but this diy stenciled wall? so rad. (via a beautiful mess)

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  1. That soup looks killer. It’s super rainy and gloomy this morning, and I want that soup for breakfast..