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i link you // 15

i’ve always found mirror ads on craigslist so weird — you can almost always see something weird in the reflection. well now there’s a tumblr page full of them (via craigslist mirrors)

how beautiful are all three of these DIY valentines day wrapping ideas? (via the house that lars built)

these printable super bowl bingo cards are the easiest way to get the kids and women interested… i usually just eat and drink the whole time (via studio diy)

old people reenacting images from movies – it’s obviously adorable (via reddit)

loving this brilliant jewelry box diy made from two acrylic frames so much… i don’t usually bother copying DIYs for my house but i totally would want to make this (via house of earnest)

pretty funny truthful posters of this years oscar nominated movies (via college humor)

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