i link you

i’ve decided it’s time for me to start sharing my favorite links of the week. because the internet is FUN.

i link you 01


corey feldmans birthday party (and life) are just as awkward as you might imagine (via vice)

i’ve never had the urge to make gazpacho… but add some strawberry and i’m intrigued (via spoon fork bacon)

25 weird ways to explore los angeles. i must say i’ve done quite a few. (via timeout)

super exciting news : how bubbly can boost brain power (via forbes / image via)

an appreciation of six feet under on it’s 8th anniversary (via flavorwire)

this rope covered extension cord DIY is perfect and simple (via thevow.tumblr.com)

peter dinklage hula hooping at a gay bar (via warmingglow)


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