6 DIY mothers day gifts

i’ve said many, maaany times that my mom tucks her gifts away in a closet usually. it’s the handmade gifts that she always cherishes, so if your mom is like mine — here are 6 easy ideas that you can make this week in time for mothers day (with relatively helpful explanations of how to avoid her throwing away)

6 mother's day DIYs to do | almost makes perfect

01. these pretty little crystal knob boxes would be perfect for her dresser. why would she hide these?!
02. she’s guaranteed to use a DIY salt gift box at least once.
03. she will at least put these wood notebooks on her desk for taking notes on the phone.
04. if she puts these face sprays next to her bed, she’s bound to use it a couple times!
05. she may not use these gemstone soaps, but she’ll be stoked to display in her guest bathroom.
06. as soon as she opens the gift, attach a DIY leather luggage tag to her suitcase and she won’t be able to lose or toss!

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  1. These are great unique ideas for mother’s day. I really like the luggage tags allot. My mom is always buying me luggage tags. I think she would really like that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the leather luggage tags and the gem soaps are awesome! I love that they make a great decor piece as well as a useful item in the bathroom. DIY gifts are always a great idea. I just posted some on my blog today as well!

  3. These soaps look so awesome!! Thanks for sharing that link.

  4. Christine says:

    I just had to say that this cracks me up, because my mom is the same way with gifts!