netflix gems pt 2

well – i’ve been watching some netflix as usual, and i thought it was time to share some more favorites!

netflix streaming movies - pt 2

frances ha ok. i love this movie. it’s about a lost 20 something who’s struggling with her career path and her best friend moving on without her. but gideon didn’t like as much as me. maybe it’s a girl thing.

house of the devil if you like horror movies, but especially if you like 80s horror movies – this throwback is really well done. stylized super well, the plot is not my absolute favorite, but if you’ve been meaning to watch it – then watch it. sound advice.

ramen girl don’t hate. this looked so cheesy and i kind of turned it on just to see how bad it was. an hour later and gideon and i are both ridiculously into it. if you give it a chance, this movie will make you want to move to japan and make ramen so fast.

robot & frank a super sweet movie about a senile old man and his robot. i’m a sucker for friendship movies.

once bitten you may have watched this as a kid on cable, but as i’ve shared before – i have a serious love of 80s movies. especially sex comedies. (i’ve mentioned before but HARDBODIES is our absolute favorite) this one stars jim carrey as a vampire. there’s an amazing dance scene. i mean. it’s good.

walking and talking yet another friendship movie – i was super bored and not into it when i put this on, but ended up liking it. you might too.

hunk omg another 80s sex comedy? yep. that’s what netflix is for. this one was surprisingly entertaining – and watch out for brad pitt as an extra on the beach!

a bag of hammers a kind of sweet drama about two deadbeat guys who end up raising a kid. i cried. therefore i share.

blackfish a really sad documentary about seaworld. another crying movie. super well done and seriously makes you want to go free all the whales.

+ see part 1 of lots more netflix instant movies here 

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  1. I love bad 80s movies! And, I haven’t seen any of these. Adding them to my queue for the next sick day.

  2. I watched Blackfish a month or so ago and felt the same way! Couldn’t shake it. It reminded me of a time when I was like 8 years old and watched flipper or something and I went to the yellow pages of our phone book looking for “save the dolphins” because I wanted to call them and help them out.

  3. Ha, I watched Once Bitten while I was sick on New Year’s Eve. I have such a huge crush on Jim Carrey…