holiday gift guide : stocking stuffers for him and her under $20

a lot of you guys asked this year for stocking stuffers — it’s not too late! most of these items are prime and ALL of them are under $20. i am pretty sick of seeing stocking stuffer suggestions that are like $40 because i am not filthy rich and if i’m spending $40 on a gift then you better believe i am wrapping that thing and making sure it gets a lot of attention and i get a lot of credit. so here are some more affordable, useful ideas! (and obviously, supplement with treats duh.)

for him

01. such a handsome, inexpensive bottle opener
02. i always say you can never have too many bluetooth speakers
03. cute gold keyring you can eventually steal for yourself
04. headphone splitter, so useful and so easy to lose (this is the time to replace!)
05. i love these minimal playing cards
06. is it just mine or do boys looove dry shampoo
07. small tape measure and it’s pretty cute too
08. gid has always resisted a popsocket, but i feel like he’d be so happy if he actually started using one
09. a pretty hair comb
10. shave cream (or sunblock works too)
11. a simple cute little nyc city guide

for her

01. a cutie little concrete candle
02. complexion spray, perfect for her morning ritual
03. i would loooove if gid filled one of these books out for me, dunno about you.
04. and you can also never have too many nail polishes
05. i love a little wood comb for my hair and for prettiness on the dresser
06. you can’t go wrong with cute enamel pins
07. and last thing you can’t have too many of is cute notebooks
08. a facial brush travel set that’s pretty and v inexpensive
09. bandanas are so hot rn
10. love these sweet little leather key chains.
11. a pretty air freshener that’s such an upgrade from standard ones and cheap

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  1. This gift guide is so good and so practical! I’m gettinh the splitter for him and now suddenly realize I need a facial brush set ?

  2. So true! When companies advertise $50 for a stocking stuffer…UM NO!

    Thank you! Great reminder to get shave cream and razor heads for the babes stocking 🙂