holiday gift guide : for the homebody

the gift guide for my category of people! here are some cozy gift ideas for cozy times at home for cozy loving people. cozy!

01. most likely fact, all homebodies love incense
02. cats & plants is the coffee table book from heaven
03. a refreshing mist they can use on themselves and their textiles
04. this ceramic mug is so beautiful
05. this little projector is perfect for backyard movie nights
06. you can never have too many sheet masks
07. homebodies love sleep, so sleep masks are always a good idea
08. so are a cute pair of socks
09. love the design of this board game
10. i’ve always wanted a linen bathrobe
11. a tea kettle so pretty they’d always leave it out

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One Comment

  1. Love that selection, i mean that cats & plants book is going straight into my Christmas wishlist actually, it just sounds like perfection! Also that robe is super pretty and looks really cosy, love it!
    Thanks for sharing! xo
    Melodie |