holiday gift guide / gifts under $25

in case you’re playing secret santa this year, you’re looking for stocking stuffers, or you’re trying to stay frugal this holiday — here are some pretty great gifts that don’t cost a fortune.

holiday gift guide | gifts under $25

01. i only live with one boy, but i know he likes facial masks just like i do. so this is more gender neutral than you think based on one boy ($18)
02. some cute recipe cards are the perfect gift for any cook because not only is it inexpensive and thoughtful, but they’ll use them too ($12)
03. but if they don’t cook, they just drink — get them a cocktail recipe book because everyone loves a cocktail recipe book ($14.95)
04. metallic playing cards work for a boy who plays cards or a girl who likes to display pretty items on her coffee table. win win ($18)
05. and when you literally have no idea what they like, just get them a pretty leather key ring ($8)
06. i’ve included pf candles before, but that’s because they’re incredible. every scent is perfect ($16)
07. and because scents are easy and useful gifts, here is my favorite incense ($10)
08. a beautiful ring dish is a lot easier to pick out for someone than actual jewelry ($25)
09. for the craftier recipient, give them a diy kit to make their own candles ($22)
10. you can never have too many tea towels. seriously ($22)
11. rad earbuds seem like the perfect gift because i would never think to buy for myself. plus i can’t use earbuds because my ears are too small ($22)
12. a pretty journal or sketchbook is another gift that works for almost anyone ($24)
13. i rarely buy myself zipper pouches, even though i want 10 at any given time. it’s over $25 with monogramming, so i’m sorry. but maybe you don’t want it monogrammed! right?! ($24)

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  1. I’m normally not a huge fan of gift guides… but holy cow these are so rad!

  2. Props for not including scarves. I get a scarf pretty much for every birthday and Christmas present. Seriously, I gots enough scarves, my peeps.