holiday gift guide / for the kids

holiday gift guide | kids

01. every kid needs a constant reminder to not be gross. might help to hang one of these in their bathroom.
02. and because every kid needs a cute yarn tassel. ok, well maybe they don’t need…
03. for the little one that’s saving all their money for college, encourage them with a cute piggy bank.
04. the cutest little moccasins ever. my future kids will be wearing these for sure.
05. a really beautiful alternative to jenga. if you’re feeling active, you could also DIY it.
06. the cutest leggings that i wish came in grown up sizes.
07. adorable socks that will make you and said kid smile.
08. toys don’t always have to be ugly! the pretty ones are just way more $$ and kids might hate them.
09. for the artistic little guy or girl — inspire them to keep it up with an andy warhol coloring book.
10. because i mean, what kid would not look cool in this panther sweatshirt?
11. i always love that gifts that you can do an activity together, and most adults i know want to build robots.
12. for the musical kid, get them a ukelele which is at least 1000x less annoying than some alternative instruments.

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