holiday gift guide : for the kids

kids is obv a very wide age range, so i tried to do a variety of different kinds of toys on here (and made the gift guide bigger than the others i’ve done)

we are thinking of getting arlo a camera this year, and we also got him this playmobil delorean we’re both pretty excited about lol. 

01. we love a garage in our house, this one is so cute $33
02. the cutest kids guitar for the music lovers $71
03. we got these castle block walls, they are so fun for a castle lover!! $85
04. a fun alternative to wood train tracks — arlo would love these $90
05. such a handsome elephant piggy bank!! $39
06. the most mesmerizing rainbow stick for any age $20
07. we have a similar wood connect four and arlo plays with it A LOT! $23
08. such a sweet little tea set $41
09. the prettiest blocks of all timeeee $156
10. this big wood dump truck is so radddd $100
11. in love this adorable mermaid stuffy $20
12. we love this magnet portrait toy!! $20
13. these are expensive, but an attractive alternative to magnatiles!! $100
14. we do a lot of puzzles these days, this floor one is really cute $25
15. the cutest chain stitched chore coat!! $68 
16. we have this bluetooth microphone and it’s so much fun $31
17. cute simple kids easel with lots of supply storage $77
18. i love this minimal dollhouse!! has such good bones $100
19. this is such a good looking play kitchen!!!! $160
20. cute little archery set $38
21. kids digital camera $19

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  1. Oh, great! My children like these ideas and I tend to make some for them. Thank you!