holiday gift guide : for the in-laws

in-laws are hard! i know mine are. i struggle more with their gifts than my own family every year, so i wanted to put together some really simple easy gifts that most people would like. this could also double as a gift guide for older parents who “don’t want anything”. i hope these ideas help you!

01. some beautiful jacaranda wood salad forks that anyone would like! $32
02. custom stationery is a gift that can’t lose! these notecards are so pretty $28
03. for the puzzle people, this beautiful 1000 piece puzzle to keep them busy! $36
04. cute photo stands, bonus points if you print photos to go in them $7
05. a splatter screen is an inexpensive and helpful gift for anyone who cooks $22
06. a beautiful little watering can for the in laws with a green thumb $35
07. when in doubt i always gift food! sweet potato biscuit and jam set is perfect $28
08. a gorgeous and unique corkscrew for any wine drinker $40
09. vintage bookshelf editions of classic board games, these are so cool $40
10. a cute simple popcorn maker feels like a good gift for someone who has everything $20
11. such a beautiful wall calendar $32
12. the best meat thermometer, for any in-law who cooks! $99
13. if you’re keep costs down, a beautiful unique ornament is such a thoughtful gift $16
14. claus porto guest soaps are almost too pretty to use but would make such a good easy gift $30
15. a box full of red velvet blondies in beautiful fancy packaging! how could you lose? $65

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