holiday gift guide : for the cook

you thought i was gonna skip gift guides this year, didn’t you?! yeah i did too. but then i decided i could work on them on my phone while i rock arlo, so here we are. 

first up, gifts for the chef in your life! my weakness is definitely kitchen items. i am always on the hunt because for somehow i think having new pretty items makes cooking dinner more fun? is it just me?

01. i love these modern salt and pepper shakers!
02. this vegetable peeler is on my list this year (and was also last year but no one got it for me so it’s back)
03. you know my thoughts on cookbooks. you can never go wrong.
04. we have this flatware set (in gold and in black), it’s inexpensive and so handsome!
05. we also have this non stick pan that i love so much (and get so many compliments on)
06. you can never have too many gorgeous bread boards.
07. nor can you have too many pretty tea towels for hanging on your oven door.
08. even if they have a garlic press, i’m sure they don’t have a gold garlic press.
09. this woven bread basket would also make a cute fruit bowl.
10. we also have this mixing bowl set which is the best set i’ve ever had.
11. this brass trivet looks so much more expensive than it is!

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  1. I don’t even cook, but that pan is so pretty that I’m thinking about giving myself a gift!

  2. Ohhhh! Great list! This may be more of a “me” gift guide ;). Thanks for sharing!

  3. You oughta take a peak at Homeoftebravenyc’s website. I’ve got a hunch you’d love their selection. If you’re ever in ny stop by, they don’t post everything online.

  4. I love your gift guides every year! So beautifully presented.