our house is so smart now

for real. i am so excited about this post! ever since fixing up the studio, i have always made a point to go out and do as much work as i can — but i’ve always had one major problem. the wifi signal is the worst. like as in, it basically has never worked. it takes forever to even load emails, so you can imagine how that affects my productivity, especially when i’m on the clock with the babysitter here. i talked to my much more tech-savvy brother a zillion times about solutions, but didn’t want to spend a ton of money or time or energy on it so i just gave up on the idea of using the internet out there. the irony is not lost on me that my job is working on the internet.

but all that has changed, because i’m so psyched to partner with samsung today about the samsung connect home. it’s a mesh wi-fi system, which makes such a huge improvement to our signal. we used to get so annoyed when we couldn’t stream movies and we’d call the internet company to complain relentlessly, but not anymore! our signal has been so great, but most importantly — i can totally work in the studio now, no problem. i’ve been sitting out there responding to emails, listening to music, streaming episodes of friends, just going crazy basically. living that good wi-fi life.

it also doubles as a hub for all my smart home devices to the wi-fi network. so i can control my video doorbell now, the smart lightbulbs and our new robot vacuum. i also just know myself and i know how exciting it’ll be to acquire new smart products that are compatible. i’m not a dork at all. and i control everything with the samsung connect app, it is super simple and awesome to now be able to control everything through just one app.

we got a three pack, so we ended up putting one router in the living room, one in the bedroom and the third in the studio. each one has a range of 1500 sq feet which is perfect for my little 1500 sq foot house haha — but good news for people with multiple stories, it’ll work for you too, giving you corner to corner coverage. setup was super easy, we did it during one nap and were good to go before arlo even woke up.

but besides improving our wi-fi forever, i am soooo happy we finally got rid of the ugly black eyesore of a router with huge antennas sticking up in every direction, that gid never let me hide in a cabinet. well now it’s gone and i don’t miss it one bit. the super low profile of the samsung connect home routers is obviously perfect for me, it’s so sleek and small and blends right into our decor. not sure why all media isn’t small and white like this? they should all get the memo that this is way better. our cabinet tops are v happy. and so am i.

this post was in partnership with samsung.
all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. What are those amazing dried poofy plants?!

  2. I have this same problem with internet in my studio. Thank you!